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  • The Shat-el-Arab incident: Bluff or Coercion
    There are some highly intriguing military issues pondering over the 23rd March incident where two British boarding parties were captured by Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. Sofar no explanation has been offered over this embarrassing incident by an authoritative source in Britain.
  • Chlorine Gas Attacks: Paradigm in Unconventional Terror
    Last Friday's triple chlorine-gas suicide attacks that hit Fallujah, Ramadi and Amiria, almost simultaneously, sent shockwaves all over Iraq, raising the specter of further widespread use of chemical weapons by terrorist groups in Iraq and the entire region. The brutal attack by suspected al Qaeda suicide bombers also sent a chilling message to Sunni tribal leaders who have rebuffed the Islamic terrorists.

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Upcoming Events (April 2007):

Sea-Air -Space 2007

3 - 5

Washington DC, USA

MRO Military

17 - 19

Atlanta, GA USA

LAAD 2007 / Aviation Expo

17 - 20

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




ITEC 2007 Simulation & Training

24 - 26

Cologne, Germany

Black Sea Defense & Aerospace

24 - 27

Bucharest, Romania


Turkey Selects Italian A-129 for Future Attack Helicopter

AgustaWestland, a member of the Finmeccanica group won a major Turkish program worth $2.7 billion to supply Tactical Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopters for the Turkish Land Forces Command. AgustaWestland estimates its share of the program to be in excess of Euro 1.2 billion, based on the requirement for 51 A129 helicopters. AgustaWestland proposed significant industrial benefits for Turkey, involving several companies including TAI and Aselsan.

US Army Begins Testing FTTS Concept Vehicles

The US Army is conducting Military Utility Assessment (MUA) of five demonstration trucks built under a US$60 million technology evaluation program known as "Future Tactical Truck System" (FTTS). The test involving vehicles developed by Lockheed Marin, International Trucks and Armor Holdings (formerly Stewart & Stevenson) include three utility vehicles and two maneuver sustainment vehicles (MSV). During the evaluation, the vehicles are operated by troops of the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, and the 14th Engineer Battalion at Ft. Lewis to assess their military performance.

F-22 Raptor To Get Upgraded Radar

The AN/APG-77V(1), the upgraded version of the Lockheed Martin/USAF F-22 Raptor stealth fighter has completed flight testing certification. The enhanced radar, developed by Northrop Grumman will be installed in the F-22 aircraft beginning with 24 Raptors of Lot 5, which will be the first to receive the fourth-generation radar variant. Flight testing conducted in the past three months involved launches of AIM-120 and AIM-9 missiles and dropping of 1,000-lb. Joint Direct Attack Munitions against simulated threats. Follow-on evaluation phases, prior to formal acceptance will include the Operational Utility Evaluation (OUE) phase. Successful completion of the OUE, which is conducted at several Air Force bases, signifies that the Raptor, as equipped with the fourth-generation radar variant, is available for combat.

Saab WIns new Contracts for Continues Meteor Testing

Saab has been awarded two new contracts, worth approximately 300 million SEK, for continued Meteor missile testing, including firing and radar tests, taking place in the Hebrides in Scotland, at Aberporth in Wales and at FMV’s test base in Vidsel, Sweden. Gripen is the first and so far only fighter aircraft that has launched the Meteor missiles. The new contracts will sustain this operations until 2010. Meteor is a European collaborative program to develop and field an advanced, medium range radar guided air/air missile. The UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany are participating in the program. The missile is planned to be the primary air-to-air missile for all the modern European fighter aircraft; Gripen, Eurofighter and Rafale.

More battlefield helicopters for the UK Armed Forces

Britain is accelerating the procurement of helicopters in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The UK has agreed in principle with the Danish Government and AgustaWestland that six Merlin helicopters delivered in the past 12 months to Denmark, will be transferred to the UK, where they will be refitted to meet the British Royal Air Force requirements. Subsequently, Denmark will receive new aircraft from future productions. The RAF will also modernize eight Chinook Mark 3 helicopters at a cost of £50-60 million, to increase its heavy transport capability. The 14 helicopters are expected to be available for deployment in 24 months. The combined program is expected to cost around £230 million.

Australian Destroyers to Get Next Generation AEGIS

The U.S. Navy awarded Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) $260 million for Aegis Weapon Systems to equip three Australian Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) and one Spanish F-100-class frigate. The four systems will be next-generation Aegis Weapon Systems - among the first to fully utilize commercial off-the-shelf hardware and a open architecture computing environment. Production of the systems destined for Australia and Spain with be synchronized with the U.S. Navy's Aegis modernization program, which calls for delivery of the first fully open architecture Aegis Weapon System to the USS Bunker Hill in 2008.

USMC Funds Production of 15 New Radars

Marine Corps Systems Command awarded Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC) a $256 million contract for the first phase (Increment I) development and demonstration of Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR). The funding covers the development and production of 15 systems, designed to fulfill Short range air defense and air surveillance missions. Additional 48 systems are planned for production in further increments. Further developments will introduce enhanced capabilities and address multi-mission tasks including counter fire/targeting missions and air traffic control missions.

Focused Lethality Munition Program Progress

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has been awarded the second phase of a $27 million U.S. Air Force contract for the Small Diameter Bomb I Focused Lethality Munition (SDB I FLM) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration program. During the $17.7 million second phase, Boeing will integrate the FLM warhead into the SDB I weapon, perform a series of ground and flight tests, and manufacture a limited number of FLM weapons.


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