General Dynamics C4 Systems has integrated the 'Prophet Enhanced' Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) into the new Panther Medium Mine Protected Vehicle, (MMPV). The system enables tactical commanders to securely and accurately detect, identify, locate and deter a wide range of signal emissions on the battlefield.

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More Aerostats Improve Security in Afghanistan

AerostatsIn the lead-up to the summer fighting season in Afghanistan, the Defense Department is planning to dramatically increase the number of aerostats to be used as persistent sensors over key operating areas.
(read more...)


Thales Norway to Develop Helicopter C2 for Sweden

Thales Norway was selected by the Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV) to supply the Swedish Armed Forces with a new Command and Control (C2) system for helicopter units. The system will be an integrated part of the Armed Forces overall C2 systems and is expected to improve command and control capability for helicopter units when deployed in national or international operations. It will be interoperable with existing mobile C2 systems within the Air Force and Nordic Battle Group.

Extreme Range Cameras Suggested as CIED Tools in Afghanistan

Extreme Range PhotographyNew means helping warfighters combat insurgents, snipers, and IEDs are the commonly used digital cameras, being evaluated as potential sensors, assisting patrols to develop better situational awareness ad-hoc and over time. (read more...)

DRS Awarded $10 Million Contract for 71 MFSTAR Man Portable Radars

DRS Sustainment Systems will deliver the Marine Corps 71 man portable surveillance target and acquisition radars (MSTAR), under a $9.7 million awarded by the U.S. Navy. The MSTAR is a component of the Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (GBOSS). The MSTAR locates moving targets and uniquely classifies them as personnel on foot, tracked vehicles, or wheeled vehicles. The delivery of 71 units is expected to be completed this year.

Air National Guard Receives First AESA Equipped F-15c Eagle

The U.S. Air Force and Florida Air National Guard (ANG) in Jacksonville rolled out the first operational F-15C aircraft equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. “The (V)3 AESA radar will greatly improve F-15 pilots’ situational awareness, beyond-visual-range targeting, and weapon accuracy,” said Jim Means, director of Proprietary Programs for Boeing Global Strike Systems. “The new radar also enhances the capability to find and track small targets at low altitude - a capability the ANG will employ in its Homeland Defense Air Sovereignty role. (read more... )

An Israeli Helmet Display is Tailored for Rocket Planes

Rocket RaceRocket Racing pilots participating at the upcoming Tulsa Airshow will have the first opportunity to experience and demonstrate the next generation helmet mounted display technology sofar available only to fighter pilots. The revolutionary Targo Racer aviator’s helmet developed by Israel's Elbit Systems integrates a display system and avionics, that enable Rocket Racing League (RRL) pilots to competitively challenge each other flying the 3D Raceway-In-The-Sky (RITS) sky track. (Read More...)

Counter-Concealment Radar for the Reaper

Lockheed Martin's Tactical Reconnaissance and Counter-Concealment Enabled Radar (TRACER) synthetic aperture radar system has passed the U.S. Army Critical Design Review (CDR). Passing this milestone has paved the way for the first flight of TRACER on an unmanned aerial vehicle scheduled for late summer 2010. The radar will be able to provide high resolution reconnaissance imagery operating in all types of weather, day or night. The review examined design maturity and integration with an unmanned aerial system, particularly Predator B type platform. The UAV will carry the TRACER radar, its processors and datalink system relaying processed information to users on the ground. (More on the Tracer)

How Vulnerable is the 'Cloud'?

Ash cloudModern 'Cloud Computing' operating methodology is rapidly adapted by the commercial sector but for many in the government, defense and intelligence sectors these concepts are becoming a nightmare, for the serious security risk they present to companies, and to national security, unless adequate security measures are taken. While the 'Cloud' provides for efficient utilization of human resources, knowledge and infrastructure through collaboration and seamless access to information, it could also be vulnerable to attack, particularly by Active Persistent Threats (APT). read more...

Cyber Warfare - it is here and now!

hackersHackers, Terrorists or Cyber Warriors? The same infrastructure we use for managing our daily life, communications, trade and security is also providing subversive elements with the means and access to compromise our national security. This article provides a summary of a Cyber Warfare seminar conducted this week by the Tel Aviv University Science, Technology and Security workshop. (read more...)

Cyber Espionage Campaign Uncovered by Canadian Shadow Warriors

Cyber EspionageThe Dark side of Cyberspace - In a report released earlier this month, Canadian based 'Information Warfare Monitor' and the 'Shadowserver Foundation' have warned of an ongoing, massive cyber espionage scheme directed from China against several countries, among them India and Pakistan. The warning was included in the "Shadows in the Cloud: An investigation into cyber espionage 2.0" report. (read more...)

U.S. Navy Awards $28 Million for Continued JCREW 3.3 Development

Northrop Grumman has been awarded $28 million additional funding to continue development and demonstration of the next generation family of IED jammer known as JCREW 3.3, supporting three major capabilities in a single 'system of systems' package  dismounted, vehicle mounted, and fixed site systems. Traditionally, the Department of Defense has procured different individual systems to support each of these three capabilities with a focus on operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. JCREW 3.3 is the first generation system that will develop a common open architecture across all three capabilities and provide protection for worldwide military operations. Northrop Grumman's Space and Mission Systems, Network Communication Systems divisions are leading the development of these jammers.

Harris Wins A$132 Million to Network the Australian Military

The Harris Corporation will deliver advanced communications equipment to the Australian Army and Air Force, as part of the 'Battlespace Communications' acquisition program supporting the 'networked brigade' by 2012. The Royal Australian Air Force to reach longer term milestones of a networked combat support force by 2016. The radios to be supplied by Harris will offer secure, interoperable voice and data communication among Australian forces and with other coalition partners. The new radios will also support increased battlespace awareness at the Brigade level and above. The contract is worth up to A$135 million.

Elbit Systems to Equip Australian BattleGroups with Advanced C3 Systems

Elbit Systems was awarded a major contract for the supply of command, control and communications system for the Australian Defence Forces over a period of three years. The value of the new contract is over US$298 million. The Israeli company has been selected by the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) following a world-wide competitive open tender. (Read More...)

Elbit Systems Unveils UAS Intelligence Management Center

Elibt IMSElbit Systems is developing multi-sensor fusion and display system, integrated in a new 'Intelligence Management Center' (IMC), enabling users of unmanned systems to control missions involving multiple sensors. Elements of the new center have already been ordered by several customers, to enhance operational management of UAV assets, improve training and development of operational doctrine, and better integrate UAVs with other missions. (Read More...)

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