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  • Improving Israel's Crisis Management is Imperative
    A major conclusion from the interim report of the Winograd Investigatory Commission is the need for Israel to establish a strong crisis management team, manned by professionals, having the trust and loyalty of the supreme leadership.

  • Military Confrontation with Hamas in Gaza Unavoidable
    As rockets slammed into Jewish towns last Tuesday, Israelis apprehended that the five months "Hudna" (cease-fire) with the Islamic group was finally over. In the first rocket attack it had claimed responsibility for in five months, Hamas fired 39 Qassam rockets and 79 mortars from the Gaza Strip aimed at nearby Jewish communities. The attacks occurred as Israelis nationwide celebrated the country's 59th Independence Day. Read Col. David Eshel's analysis on this subject and more...

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Upcoming Events (May 2007):

Unmanned Systems Europe

8 - 9

Cologne, Germany

Heli Middle-East

14 - 15

Muscat, Oman

IMDEX 2007



Military Satellites

21 - 23

Arlington, VA, USA

Military Armor Protection

21 - 23

Alexandria , VA, USA

IDEF 2007

22 - 25

Ankara, Turkey

Military Technologies


Airport City, Israel

Naval Force Transformation

30 - 1/6

Alexandria , VA, USA




Singapore to Replace Hawkeye With G550 AEW

Singapore will buy four Gulfstream G550 special mission business jets, configured for Airborne Early Warning missions. The aircraft will replace four Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye aircraft currently in service. According to the Singapore MOD, the G550 AEW will be capable of flying 9 hours missions at an altitude of 41,000ft (12,500m). Singapore will receive the first aircraft by 2008, and all four are expected to be operational by 2010. While Singapore has not released further details about the electronic and radar suite to be installed in the aircraft, the only system currently available for this platform is the Israeli PHALCON radar, developed for four Israel Air Force G550 AEW aircraft known as Eitam, currently being delivered by IAI/Elta. The first aircraft was handed over by Gulfstream on September 2006.

General Atomics to Develop 'Block X' Predator for the USAF

General Atomics was awarded two new contracts worth about $69 million. The larger contract worth about 58 million is funding serial production of four new Reaper MQ-9 (Predator B) unmanned aerial vehicles, scheduled for delivery by December 2009. The company also received another $10 million contract to develop the Predator MQ-1B aircraft into a 'Block X' modification, which will improve the current MQ-1B model into a platform similar to the US Army Warrior (ER-MP). The Air Force 'Block X' will use a Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE), support a 3,200 lbs gross take-off weight, and will carry four Hellfire missiles (2 on each wing, compared to a single missile on each wing station in the current model). Apart from the Warrior, the new Block X aircraft could leverage off technology from US Air Force' Predator B (MQ-9) program.

Greece Selects Goodrich's DB-110 Recce Pods for its New F-16s

Goodrich Corporation's (NYSE:GR) will supply two DB-110 airborne reconnaissance system for use on the Hellenic Air Force new F-16 fighters. The company was awarded a $37 million contract by eth USAF Aeronautical Systems Center managing the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) program. Greece is acquiring 30 Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52+, under the Peace Xenia IV FMS program which also covers the procurement of two reconnaissance pods, a ground exploitation system and aircraft integration. The DB-110 has already been integrated for the Polish Air Force new F-16 Block 32+.

The solid-state system is suitable for day or night operation. Images are recorded on board and can then be transmitted to analysts on the ground in real time for immediate exploitation and analysis. Imagery can also be viewed on the cockpit video display, enabling the pilot to verify targets and conduct tasks such as battle damage assessment. The real-time display also gives the aircrew the ability to seek out targets of opportunity or select a different route to a selected target.

Aegis Cruiser Intercepts Two Simultaneous Targets on Missile Test

In a first-of-its-kind dual missile defense test yesterday, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) cruiser USS Lake Erie (CG 70) demonstrated simultaneous ship engagements against both cruise and ballistic missile targets. The interceptors included an SM-3 Block IA missile, which destroyed a short-range ballistic missile target in space while an SM-2 Block IIIA engaged a cruise missile threat at a lower altitude.

Israel's TROPHY Defenses Awaiting Procurement Funding

The development of RAFAEL's Trophy Active Protection System has been completed, including integration of the system into current AFVs as well as the introduction of reloading systems, positioning the Isaeli active protection system as the first system available in the West. Initial systems are expected to go into new production and currently deployed Merkava tanks as well as the new Merkava based armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles (Namer). While the system has been approved for production, which still awaits funding allocation. After the recent conflict in Lebanon (July-August 2006), Active Protection Systems were identified as a critical complement for the protection of main battle tanks such as the Merkava Mk4.

ARABIAN SEA (April 12, 2007) - A French Rafale from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier French Navy Ship Charles de Gaulle (R 91) performs a touch-and-go on the flight deck of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Stennis, as part of the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group, and Charles de Gaulle, the Flagship of Commander, Task Force 473, are operating in the North Arabian Sea. Stennis and Charles de Gaulle are conducting bilateral exercises and supporting multi-national ground forces in Afghanistan. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Denny Cantrell
Thales Prepares AESA RBE2 Radar to Fly on Rafale

Thales is integrating the AESA version of the RBE2 radar on the Rafale and is planning to start flight testing soon, following the conclusion of a series of flight tests on Mirage 2000 test-bed aircraft. Series production start-up is scheduled for late 2010. The plan addresses a roadmap recently outlined by the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) and the Rafale industry team, to equip the French Air Force and Navy with Rafale fighters upgraded with new sensors by 2012.

PSI to Deliver Additional Supplies of PADS Mission Planners

Planning Systems Incorporated (PSI) has been awarded a new $10M contract from the US Army’s Natick Soldier Center for the delivery of Precision Air-Drop System Mission Planners (JPADS-MP). These systems are currently being actively used in Afghanistan and Iraq by the US Air Mobility Command (AMC), the Marine Corps (USMC) and US Special Forces (SOF) on C-130, C-17 and SOF aircraft.

Ionatron Establishes a Military Laser Group

Ionatron (NASDAQ: IOTN) announced the establishement of a new organization focused on the development, engineering, production and support of specialty lasers for military, aerospace, and security customers. Earlier this week Ionatron was awarded a $10 million cost-plus, fixed-fee contract from the US Navy for research, development and demonstration of a transportable laser equipped vehicle which will demonstrate Ionatron's laser guided energy effects, and advanced ultra short pulsed laser. Demonstrations will be completed by April 2009.

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