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Killer UAV

LAAD 2011 Preview
The Amazon Giant Awakening – LAAD 2011 Review

Raytheon Deploys Miniature Air Launched Decoys From C-130 Cargo Aircraft

The High Cost of Precision Attack

Rafael’s SPICE Guided Weapon

Laser Guided Bombs vs Geo-Targeted Weapons

French AASM Demonstrates Outstanding Versatility in Libyan Campaign

Aerospace report
China J-20

Defense Update Aerospace Channel - May 2011

Photo Above: Tornado GR4 with Stormshadow fitted. Copyright: Mr Berry Vissers, of Squadron Prints Ltd (Read More...)

Raytheon MALDRaytheon Deploys Miniature Air Launched Decoys From C-130 Cargo Aircraft

Raytheon Company launched two Miniature Air Launched Decoy instrumented shapes from the ramp of a C-130 Hercules equipped with the new Raytheon-funded MALD Cargo Air Launched System (MCALS). This test marked the first deployment of a MALD airframe from a cargo aircraft. ”Dispensing the MALD family of weapons from cargo aircraft gives warfighters an important new capability they currently don’t have in today’s high-threat environment,” explains Harry Schulte, vice president of Raytheon Missile Systems’ Air Warfare Systems product line. (Read More...)

saab MPA 2000Saab 2000 Maritime patrol Aircraft Offered to India

After failing the MMRCA competition, Saab is now aiming at another Indian program Medium range Maritime recce (MRMR). The company is offering the Saab 2000 platform, equipped with a new phased array maritime search radar and RBS-15 missiles. (Read More...)

PKA-FAIndian Air Force Chief Attends PKA-FA Flight Demonstration

The head of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik attended a flight demonstration of the newest Russian fighter aircraft, the Sukhoi T-50 (PKA FA) at Gromov Flight Research Institute at the city of Zhukovsky near Moscow. The demonstration also included a flight of the modernized MiG-29UPG, an upgraded version destined for teh Indian Air Force, to introduce an avionics suite common with the MiG29K/KUB carrier-based fighters India is buying for its aircraft carriers. The Indian Air Force commander was hosted by Mikhail Pogosyan, President of the United Aircraft Corporation, General Director of Sukhoi and RSK MiG, and representatives of the Russian arms export conglomerate Rosoboronexport. (Read More...)

Book Review: Israel’s Air War Against the Hezbollah – 2006

Benjamin S. Lambeth’s study of the 2nd Lebanon War and, particularly the role of the Israel Air Force, is highlighted in a new report published by the Rand Corporation Project AIR FORCE. The 388 page study covers the campaign in details, pointing to the roots of some of the flaws demonstrated by Israel’s military during the campaign. (Read More...)

F-35 AF7Despite First Production Aircraft Flying, F-35 IOC is Likely to Slip into 2018

The U.S. Air Force has accepted into its fleet the first of a planned 1,763 production-model Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters. Following the official acceptance ceremony, May 5th, the F-35A jet known as ‘AF-7’ flew to Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on Friday to begin its flight testing program. F-35s have completed more than 865 flights since flight-testing began in late 2006. In addition to AF-7, eight more production-model F-35s have rolled out and are being prepared for delivery. (Read More...)

F15i RefuelingEx Mossad Chief: Israel Attacking Iran Would Be Absolute Stupidity

Meir Dagan, the recently retired director of Mossad, made headlines in the Israeli press over the weekend by remarking at a conference that any military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be a “stupid idea.” It was Dagan’s first public appearance, since leaving his eight year office last September. Retired Major General Dagan, is well known over his outspoken critic on strategic security issues. He was one of the minority, who cast his wrath on former prime minister Ehud Ulmert’s government crisis management of the 2006 Lebanon campaign. (Read More...)

Firebird UASNorthrop Grumman Unveils the FireBird Optionally Piloted Aircraft

Northrop Grumman has officially introduced its latest optionally unmanned aircraft, the Firebird. The new aircraft is positioned to deliver multi-intelligence products to military users on the ground, providing real-time high-definition full-motion video (FMV), electro-optical infrared (EOIR) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, monitor communications signals (COMINT).  (Read More...)

Mirage 200DThe High Cost of Precision Attack

Depleting stocks of Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) used by European Air Forces could soon trigger a renewed demand for these weapons, and heat up the debate of cost versus efficiency. Recent news reports from the U.S. that claimed precision munitions stocks of certain NATO members were depleting quickly were rebuffed by official responses from Britain and France, claiming their air forces could continue unaffected at current operational tempo. However, Pentagon sources insisted Washington was in talks with NATO allies to ensure a sufficient supply of munitions for the Libya bombing campaign. (Read More...)

Rafael Spice On F-16Rafael’s SPICE Guided Weapon

Providing a fully autonomous navigation and precision-strike capability, Spice-2000 achieves a stand-off range of over 60 kilometers. Spice-1000 achieves an even greater range, due to its unique deployable wing. Both Spice-2000 and Spice-1000 are easily integrated onto a wide range of single and dual-seater fighter aircraft, and require no aircraft modifications. It has been successfully integrated onto the F-15, F-16 and Tornado aircraft. (Read More...)

Jdam TestLaser Guided Bombs vs Geo-Targeted Weapons

Laser guided bombs employ guidance kits enabling the weapon to home in on laser spots illuminating the target, designated by the launching aircraft, another platform or ground designator. The laser guided bombs are highly suitable for the North African, Afghan and Middle-Eastern environments, given the cloudless sky, good visibility and clear night sky over the desert. Laser guided weapons are often more accurate than geo-targeted weapons, typically achieving circular error points (CEP) of thee to one meters, depending on the type of guidance used. (Read More...)

Rafale aasmFrench AASM Demonstrates Outstanding Versatility in Libyan Campaign

The Libyan campaign has emphasized unique advantages of the French AASM-250 autonomous guided weapons. Previously criticized in the media as an excessively expensive weapon, AASM proved its worth offering operational flexibility, in providing small fighting formations the effects achied by much larger strike forces. The weapon was developed to meet a wide range of offensive air missions, including Counter Air Defense/(Suppression of Enemy Air Defense – SEAD), Air Interdiction and Deep Strikes, and anti-ship missions, as well as Close Air Support (CAS) including precision attacks in urban environments. (Read More...)

aasm SensorSagem Reports Progress with Laser AASM

The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has performed a successful test firing of the AASM modular air-to-ground weapon, fitted with terminal laser homing capability, enabling the guided weapon to engage fast-moving surface targets. This firing test demonstrates the AASM Laser’s ability to offer 1-meter accuracy against high-speed, agile land or maritime targets. (Read More...)


Australian HelicopterAustralian Multi Role Helicopter Gets More Time to Sort out Availability problems

The Australian Defence Department completed a two-month diagnostic review of the MRH-90 Multi Role Helicopter Program, addressing delays to the project. The review has recommended that at present the project should not be listed under the ‘Project of Concern’ list, but recommended the ministry to work with the contractor, Australian Aerospace, to improve the availability of the helicopters by addressing engineering and reliability issues. Progress on the project will be evaluated by a follow-on diagnostic review. The Australian MRH-90 project experienced a series of reliability issues, including engine failure, transmission oil cooler fan failures and the poor availability of spares. (Read More...)

China J-15China’s J-15 New Carrier Based Fighter Get Ready for More Test Flights

China is moving forward in completing the refurbishment of Shi Lang, the first aircraft carrier for its navy, and has recently unveiled (unofficially) the fighter planes to be operating on board, the J-15. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s Shi Lang, formerly known as Varyag was commissioned in 1988. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union it was operated by the Ukraine Navy and was sold to China in 1998, where has undergone refurbishing work in the port of Dalian since 2002. The vessel is expected to commence training operations around the end of 2011, according to Tsai Der-sheng the director of the Taiwan’s National Security Bureau. (Read More...)

HJT-36 ‘Sitara’HJT-36 ‘Sitara’ Lost in an Accident

An Intermediate Jet Trainer (HJT-36 Sitara) made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) crashed yesterday in the Tamil Nadu region, Southern India. Group Captain Mathur of HAL and co- pilot, Wing Commander Patra of Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) ejected to safety. The aircraft, a developmental model of India’s indigenous intermediate trainer was destroyed in the accident. HAL began designing of the IJT in 1997; the aircraft is scheduled to enter Indian Air Force service in two years. (Read More...)

Israel Acquires Two Additional C-130J ‘Samson’ Multi-Mission Transport Aircraft

Lockheed Martin has received an Undefinitized Contract Action from the U.S. Government for the Foreign Military Sale of an additional C 130J ‘Samson’ to Israel, with funding for advanced procurement items for a third aircraft. (Read More...)

rafale IAFTyphoon, Rafale Shortlisted for India’s MMRCA

The Indian Defence Ministry apparently shortlisted the Eurofighter Typhoon and French Dassault Aviation Rafale for the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) and has asked the two companies to extend validity of their commercial bids for the multi-billion dollar contract for 126 combat aircraft. The Swedish company Saab has confirmed tonight the Gripen is apparently out of the race. (Read More...)

elbit c2Elbit Systems Introduces Highlights Avionics, C2 and Homeland Security at LAAD 2011

Elbit Systems and its Brazilian subsidiary Aeroeletronica S.A. (AEL) are promoting here modern avionics suites, comprising computer interface and high definition smart displays, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Laser Guided Munitions, electro-optic payloads, high-speed digital data-links, remote controlled weapon stations for armored vehicles and more. (Read More...)


AAS-72XArmed Aerial Scout AAS-72X Undergoing Flight Demonstrations

EADS North America unveiled the company funded Armed Aerial Scout 72X (AAS-72X) helicopter in flight demonstrations held at the Nashville International Airport, coinciding with the recent Army Aviation convention held at the city’s convention center at that time. The industry team promoting the AAS-72X includes American Eurocopter, an EADS USA company and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT).  (Read More...)

BlackhawkSikorsky to Supply Turkey 109 Locally Built S-70 Based Utility Helicopters

Turkey announce it plans to buy 109 Sikorsky T-70S Black Hawk helicopters as part of the $3.5 billion Turkish Utility Helicopter Program (TUHP) program, announced last week. Accordfing to Sikorsky, the configuration of the T-70 baseline helicopter is based on the S-70i Black Hawk helicopter. The T-70S will be locally built by the state owned Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) company. (Read More...)