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Trophy APS
Active Protection for Israeli AFVs – More than Hard Kill

10 Years in Service, Strykers Continue to Improve

Land Systems report
Merkava Mk.4 with Trophy APS

Defense Update Land Systems Channel - May 2011

Photo Above: The first operational installation of Rafael's Aspro A (Trophy) APS was on Israel's new production Merkava Mk4M main battle tanks. The system includes one of the WindGuard radar panels, and the countermeasure unit, mounting a training device (colored blue). Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update (Read More...)

THOR Sniper RifleTHOR Global Defense Introduces New .408″ Sniper Rifles

THOR Global Defense Group, has introduced two models of the premier.408 ultra-long range sniper system, the XM408, and M408 (XM408ASA). Military applications of this bolt-action rifle are anti-personnel, anti-sniper and anti-material utilization. The M408 features accuracy improvement offering an overall more stable shooting platform and accurate assembly.  (Read More...)

Force Protection MastiffForce Protection Expands Industry Team Targeting Canada’s TAPV Program

Force Protection Industries is strengthening the international industry team it is leading in bidding for the Canadian TAPV program. The company announced today the addition of Lockheed Martin Canada as the provider of integrated C4ISR systems for the program, and Elbit Systems, to provide the Dual Remote Weapon Station (DRWS). CAE was announced recently as Force Protection’s main Canadian partner with responsibility for providing the in-service support solution.  (Read More...)

Eltics Black FoxIsraeli Company Debut ‘Stealth Armor’ Making Vehicles ‘Disappear’

Israel’s thermal stealth innovator Eltics unveiled today a short video depicting the results of recent tests where large thermal panels installed on a Land Rover Defender vehicle managed to eliminate the vehicle’s signature, totally masking the vehicle from the thermal sight’s display. (Read More...)

Trophy APSActive Protection for Israeli AFVs – More than Hard Kill

Israel’s involvement in the field of Active Protection Systems (APS) span over two decades, as the Merkava Program Office, managed by the Ministry of Defense and IDF Ordnance Corps, realizing that the Israeli tank, heavy as it was, could not continue adding more passive or reactive protection to match evolving threats, particularly in an asymmetric scenarios, where threats could be coming in 360 degrees. These investments are bearing fruits today. Israel’s first APS – Rafael’s Trophy has entered operational deployment last year, and has already proved itself in combat. (Read More...)

Stryker with ASPRO-H10 Years in Service, Strykers Continue to Improve

What began as an ambitious vision in the minds of Army leaders in 1999 – to build a medium-class armored vehicle able to deploy quickly, transport troops safely, and bring agility and lethality across multiple platforms – has evolved into the battle-tested Stryker vehicle now celebrating its 10-year anniversary. (Read More...)

RG-35BAE Systems Unveils an RG-35 Optimized for Canada’s TAPV Requirements

BAE Systems is submitting a revised version of its RG-35 for the Canadian Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAP-V). The company has released some details about the new 4×4 design – known as RG-35 RPU, designed as a mine protected reconnaissance, patrol and utility vehicle. The TAP-V is positioned as a replacement for the RG31 and Coyote reconnaissance vehicles operated by the Canadian forces. An award for up to 600 TAP-V vehicles is expected by early next year. (Read More...)

C3 IDFBroadband Highway for Israeli BMS

The IDF has begun integrating high capacity IP data networking in Merkava armored battalions operating Battle Management Systems (BMS) systems. Both systems were developed by Elbit Systems. The new wirelsess communications channel employs a low-power, ‘stand-alone’ encrypted radio operating in the S-band range defined as ‘Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)’. The tactical radio is designed for short ranges communications. (Read More...)

AT-4SAAB Wins a New Order for AT-4

Defence and security company Saab have signed a contract on further deliveries of AT4 CS RS man-portable weapon system. This version is designed for operations from confined spaces (CS).  The weapon’s warhead uses insensitive explosives charge and is equipped with double safety fuse for maximum safety, hence its designation ‘Reduced Sensitivity’ (RS) to battlefield damage. (Read More...)

valanxNorthrop Grumman Joins BAE Systems’ JLTV Industry Team

Northrop Grumman has joined the BAE Systems lead Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) team. The BAE team currently consists of BAE Systems, Navistar Defense and Meritor Defense (formerly ArvinMeritor). As the new member of the team, Northrop Grumman will serve as the lead for electronics mission systems (C4ISR – command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) lead, responsible for the integration of command and control hardware and software, computers and communications equipment, sensors and sensor suites for intelligence gathering and force protection. (Read More...)

M113 KMWKMW Establishes a Brazilian Subsidiary Supporting Land Systems Activities

The German armored vehicles company KMW is establishing a Brazilian subsidiary named KMW do Brasil, to be located in Santa Maria in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. The  newly founded company will act as a continental hub for KMW’s regional activities. Offering support and services for systems already deployed in the region, such as the LEOPARD 1A5 main battle tank, the new company will also provide a local basis for implementing KMW-technologies with on specific South American vehicle solutions, to be manufactured in Santa Maria in the future. (Read More...)

Iveco VBTPIVECO Inagurates New Production Plant in Brazil Supporting the VBTP Program

IVECO is displaying the first prototype of the VBTP amphibious armored vehicle destined for the Brazilian Army. The vehicle is the first of a 2044 production series to be manufactured by Iveco in Brazil. After the exhibit follows the prototype for the proving ground of the Brazilian Army in Marambaia (RJ), for a period of testing.  (Read More...)


Iveco displayed a fully configured version of the 6x6 VBTP vehicle, developed for the Brazilian Army, to be produced in Brazil. The vehicle was displayed with a UT-30 unmanned weapon station mounting the 30mm automatic cannon, optronic systems and laser-warning sensors. the internal view shows the side mounted individual seating arrangement, with three crew positions at the front (driver, commander at left, gunner at right.  (Read More...)

Merkava 2IDF Armor Merkava Tank Crew Undergoing Proficiency Course

Tank and recce crews from Seven brigades operating Merkava Mk 2, 3 and 4 and M60 mark 8 (Magach 8 ) are taking part, rated for best performance in A number of areas, including crew proficiency, navigation, handling targets with Battle Management Systems (BMS) and gunnery, against short range (infantry, anti tank) and long range (up to five kilometers). The rainy day, deep mud and limited visibility did not deter the crews, Which performed their mission as expected. (Read More...)