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Precision Mortars
Precision Mortars – Maturing in Combat

Pakistan Tests Ra’ad (HATF VIII) Air-Launched Cruise Missile

Missiles Systems Report
Ra'ad Cruise Missile

Defense Update Missiles Systems & Fires Channel - May 2011

Photo above: Pakistan's Ra’ad Air Launched Cruise Missile is powered by a turbojet engine, sustaining a cruising speed around Mach 0.8. The weapon uses twin horizontal fins. The weapon employs autonomous electro-optical guidance for terrain matching and terminal guidance. Photo: ISPR (Read More...)

PARS 3MBDA Completes Successful PARS-3LR Missiles Test Series

MBDA has recently conducted a successful series of test firing of the PARS 3LR guided anti-missile, carrying a live warhead. The missile was launched from a German Army Tiger helicopter. Three missiles were fired, scoring three hits. MBDA Deutschland conducted the campaign on the test range in Vidsel, Sweden. The three PARS 3 LR firings were part of a MBDA Deutschland export campaign. The guided missile system is on the short list for a procurement project of the Indian Army. (Read More...)

Cardom MortarPrecision Mortars – Maturing in Combat

The U.S. Army is gaining more experience with precision mortars. The latest addition to its arsenal, the XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM) is being employed by the 506th Infantry battalion in Afghanistan. Initial lessons with the new bomb are positive; the new guided weapons offer precision-fire capabilities, hitherto unavailable to tactical units at this level. This highly accurate bomb enables mortar teams to fire with high precision at targets, in closer proximity to friendly forces, without risking collateral damage or danger of fratricide. (Read More...)

Keshet MortarKeshet – the IDF New Automated Mortar

Precision munitions are used in situations where accurate target coordinates can be obtained, and the type of target can be pinpointed for the attack. Furthermore, the trajectory correction maneuvers and increased drag reduce the effective range of guided munitions below the maximum range of unguided bombs. Therefore, for different combat situations, unguided mortar bombs still offer an advantage, in covering a larger area, deploying smoke or illumination, or use suppressive fire in support of friendly forces. (Read More...)

Hatf 8Pakistan Tests Ra’ad (HATF VIII) Air-Launched Cruise Missile

Pakistan conducted a successful flight test of the indigenously developed Ra’ad Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) also designated Hatf-VIII. According to the announcement made by Pakistan’s defense department, the missile test was conducted yesterday (April 29, 2011) as part of the continuous process of improving the technical parameters of the weapon system. Raad has a range of over 350 km; it is designed to deliver nuclear and has sufficient attack precision (reportedly 3 m’ CEP) to effective deliver conventional warheads, when employed against hardened aircraft shelters at air bases, enemy command-and-control centers or naval targets.  (Read More...)

NasrPakistan Tests HATF IX Nuclear-Capable Short Range Tactical Guided Weapon

Pakistan has tested a nuclear-capable tactical missile dubbed HATF IX (also known as Nasr). The missile was developed as a ‘quick response weapon’, two missiles contained in transported and launched from a Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) unit carried on a vehicle, similar to a multiple rocket launcher. The single stage solid-fuel missile, developed by Pakistan’s National Development Complex (NDC), has a range of 60 km. It is powered by a high-thrust single-stage solid-propellant rocket motor. The missile has a midcourse guidance system, employing movable control surfaces emplaced behind the nose. (Read More...)

Mica-vl-2MICA-VL Demonstrates its Capability Intercepting Stand-Off Weapons

MBDA has recently tested the MICA VL land-based short range air defense system intercepting a target representing a guided weapon. The recent test was the 17th test of the MICA VL system. It took place on the 13th April 2011, at the French DGA-Essais Missiles test centre in Biscarosse, South West France. The developer funded test followed on the recently concluded evaluation by the French Air Force, as part of their Sol-Air à Lancement VErtical (SALVE) technical demonstration program. (Read More...)

ASTROS IIAVIBRAS Unveil a New UAV, Guided Cruise Missile at LAAD 2011

AVIBRAS, established in 1961 as an independent aerospace company in Brazil shifted its focus in the 1970s to the development of artillery rockets. At LAAD Avibras displayed their latest member of the ASTROS 2 Mk 5 multiple launch rocket system, the AV-SS-80 300 mm rocket, fully compatible with the ASTROS II system, this 300mm rocket can hit targets up to 85 km afar. The SS80 rocket has already been sold to several international customers, including Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.  (Read More...)