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Trophy APS
Active Protection for Israeli AFVs – More than Hard Kill

The High Cost of Precision Attack

Rafael’s SPICE Guided Weapon

Technology report

Defense Update Technology Channel - May 2011

Photo Above: Rafael’s SPICE Guided Weapon Photo: Rafael (Read More...)

PARS 3MBDA Completes Successful PARS-3LR Missiles Test Series

MBDA has recently conducted a successful series of test firing of the PARS 3LR guided anti-missile, carrying a live warhead. The missile was launched from a German Army Tiger helicopter. Three missiles were fired, scoring three hits. MBDA Deutschland conducted the campaign on the test range in Vidsel, Sweden. The three PARS 3 LR firings were part of a MBDA Deutschland export campaign. The guided missile system is on the short list for a procurement project of the Indian Army. (Read More...)

Fire StormMetal Storm Introduces a Non-Lethal / Lethal Weapon System Based

Metal Storm has introduced today the ‘Fury’, a new member of the ‘FireStorm’ weapon system family. Defined by the company as a ‘High Intensity Multi-Barrel Weapon Systems’ Fury is designed as a modular scalable system, mounting up to 30 barrels. Each barrel is loaded with up to 6 rounds, delivering a maximum burst fire-rates of up to 20,000 rounds per minute with 40mm grenades. (Read More...)


Eltics Black FoxIsraeli Company Debut ‘Stealth Armor’ Making Vehicles ‘Disappear’

Israel’s thermal stealth innovator Eltics unveiled today a short video depicting the results of recent tests where large thermal panels installed on a Land Rover Defender vehicle managed to eliminate the vehicle’s signature, totally masking the vehicle from the thermal sight’s display. (Read More...)

Trophy APSActive Protection for Israeli AFVs – More than Hard Kill

Israel’s involvement in the field of Active Protection Systems (APS) span over two decades, as the Merkava Program Office, managed by the Ministry of Defense and IDF Ordnance Corps, realizing that the Israeli tank, heavy as it was, could not continue adding more passive or reactive protection to match evolving threats, particularly in an asymmetric scenarios, where threats could be coming in 360 degrees. These investments are bearing fruits today. Israel’s first APS – Rafael’s Trophy has entered operational deployment last year, and has already proved itself in combat. (Read More...)

Northrop Grumman FireBirdNorthrop Grumman Unveils the FireBird Optionally Piloted Aircraft

Northrop Grumman has officially introduced its latest optionally unmanned aircraft, the Firebird. The new aircraft is positioned to deliver multi-intelligence products to military users on the ground, providing real-time high-definition full-motion video (FMV), electro-optical infrared (EOIR) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, monitor communications signals (COMINT). (Read More...)


Cardom MortarPrecision Mortars – Maturing in Combat

The U.S. Army is gaining more experience with precision mortars. The latest addition to its arsenal, the XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM) is being employed by the 506th Infantry battalion in Afghanistan. Initial lessons with the new bomb are positive; the new guided weapons offer precision-fire capabilities, hitherto unavailable to tactical units at this level. This highly accurate bomb enables mortar teams to fire with high precision at targets, in closer proximity to friendly forces, without risking collateral damage or danger of fratricide. (Read More...)

Keshet MortarKeshet – the IDF New Automated Mortar

Precision munitions are used in situations where accurate target coordinates can be obtained, and the type of target can be pinpointed for the attack. Furthermore, the trajectory correction maneuvers and increased drag reduce the effective range of guided munitions below the maximum range of unguided bombs. Therefore, for different combat situations, unguided mortar bombs still offer an advantage, in covering a larger area, deploying smoke or illumination, or use suppressive fire in support of friendly forces. (Read More...)

Rafael Spice On F-16Rafael’s SPICE Guided Weapon

Providing a fully autonomous navigation and precision-strike capability, Spice-2000 achieves a stand-off range of over 60 kilometers. Spice-1000 achieves an even greater range, due to its unique deployable wing. Both Spice-2000 and Spice-1000 are easily integrated onto a wide range of single and dual-seater fighter aircraft, and require no aircraft modifications. It has been successfully integrated onto the F-15, F-16 and Tornado aircraft. (Read More...)

Jdam TestLaser Guided Bombs vs Geo-Targeted Weapons

Laser guided bombs employ guidance kits enabling the weapon to home in on laser spots illuminating the target, designated by the launching aircraft, another platform or ground designator. The laser guided bombs are highly suitable for the North African, Afghan and Middle-Eastern environments, given the cloudless sky, good visibility and clear night sky over the desert. Laser guided weapons are often more accurate than geo-targeted weapons, typically achieving circular error points (CEP) of thee to one meters, depending on the type of guidance used. (Read More...)

aasm SensorSagem Reports Progress with Laser AASM

The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has performed a successful test firing of the AASM modular air-to-ground weapon, fitted with terminal laser homing capability, enabling the guided weapon to engage fast-moving surface targets. This firing test demonstrates the AASM Laser’s ability to offer 1-meter accuracy against high-speed, agile land or maritime targets. (Read More...)

C3 IDFBroadband Highway for Israeli BMS

The IDF has begun integrating high capacity IP data networking in Merkava armored battalions operating Battle Management Systems (BMS) systems. Both systems were developed by Elbit Systems. The new wirelsess communications channel employs a low-power, ‘stand-alone’ encrypted radio operating in the S-band range defined as ‘Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)’. The tactical radio is designed for short ranges communications. (Read More...)

AH-64DU.S. Army Apaches to Test a new Gunfire Detection System

U.S. Army AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters will soon be equipped with a Ground Fire Acquisition System (GFAS) to automatically detect, and identify the sources of ground fire shot at the helicopters. GFAS consists of a combination of infrared cameras and processing system known as ‘Weapon Watch” that detect, locate and point other systems (or weapons) to source of ground fire that could put the helicopter in danger. The system also detects enemy fire on the ground, assisting supported forces on the ground. The infrared camera are packed into external pods attached to the helicopters’ stub wings. (Read More...)

Phantom Ray UAVPhantom Ray – Boeing’s Unmanned Fighter is Finally Flying

Boeing made Phantom Ray unmanned airborne system (UAS) successfully completed its first flight April 27 at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Since being delivered to the base in December 2010, the flight demonstrator, based on the company’s Phantom Works’ X-45C, originally developed for the DARPA/USAF Unmanned Combat Aircraft System (UCAS) program. Months before the first flight the unmanned plane went through extensive pre-flight testing, culminating in a series of high-speed taxi tests performed in March. (Read More...)

adrastaDCNS Highlights Scorpene, Andrasta SSN Submarines, Decoy technologs at LAAD 2011

DCNS is a major supplier of surface vessels and submarines in the Latin America region and, specifically Brazil. Since 2008, the Brazilian Navy and DCNS embarked on a large scale program to design and construct of four Scorpene type conventional-propulsion submarines, under a technology transfer agreement in which the French designer will provide the technical assistance for the design and construction of the submarine, as well as the non-nuclear part of the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine. DCNS also provides support services for the construction of a new naval base and a shipyard to support these vessels. (Read More...)