Newscast: June 5, 2007

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  • Terror related Post-Traumatic Stress: The Israeli Experience
    Both Israel and Gaza are a "perfect laboratory" for studying Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety related ailments. The level of chronic anxiety here is so great and so constant that it seems the ideal place for research on cognitive therapy. Unfortunately, only in Israel has there been a substantially organized effort to study these phenomena in an orderly fashion and several trauma researches have recently become available to the public.
  • IED Blast related Brain Injuries: The silent killer
    Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) have now added a new dimension to battlefield injuries: Injuries and even deaths among troops who have no external signs of trauma but whose brains have been severely damaged. The insurgency war in Iraq and Afghanistan has reinstated one of the worst afflictions of World War I trench warfare: shell shock.

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ITL Optronics Receives IDF Follow-on Order for Night Vision Devices

8 million ITL Optronics received another order from the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) for the supply night vision devices for the ground forces. Since the War in Lebanon, last year ITL received orders for night vision equipment worth about $20 million. As part of the new orders ITL will supply Mini NSEAS monocular goggles and laser pointers for target marking. Last week ITL reported on another contract for the supply of binocular driver's nigh vision systems for a NATO country.



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