Royal Navy Tests Enghanced Block IV Tomahawk Cruise Missile

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The Royal Navy released today images from firing trials launch of its newest Block IV Tomahawk long-range Land Attack Missile (TLAM) conducted recently off the US coast. The missile was fired from the 5,200 ton attack submarine HMS Trenchant used one of her torpedo tubes to launch the missile, which then flew over the Gulf of Mexico, striking a target hundreds of miles away with pin-point accuracy.

Test firing of a Raytheon Royal Navy Tomahawk Block IV land attack cruise missile (TLAM). Photo: UK MODDuring the 60 minute test fight the missile reached heights of 10,000 feet and speeds of 500 miles an hour. The Royal Navy plans to field the new missile with existing Trafalgar class submarines next year. The missile, produced by Raytheon, offers precision strike at targets over 1,000 miles away.

The missile is linked to satellite communication systems throughout its flight, enabling in-flight retargeting and on-course intelligence gathering and battle damage assessment capabilities. It is expected to significantly improve the long-range precision attack capability of the Royal Navy. Britain bought from the USA 64 missiles from under a £70M four years ago. The missiles will be capable of being fired from the current Trafalgar Class submarines and is considered a primary weapon for the four Astute Class nuclear powered attack submarines currently under construction.



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