PVI Introduces a New Armor Protecting Against EFPs

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Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) cause 70 percent of the casualties in Iraqi and use of the weapon is spreading in Afghanistan. Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFP) are among the most lethal types of IEDs and historically the most difficult to stop. PVI’s MRAP vehicle, the Golan, already stops many EFP threats and the new types of armor will soon offer additional capabilities to protect other military vehicles stand up to EFPs.

One is developed and proven in the field by Rafael Development Authority is currently being used by coalition forces in Operation Iraq and Afghanistan. A new application is PVI's ShieldAll, designed with Battelle, to offer broader protection, in a relatively lightweight and compact application.

The Golan MRAP vehicle has a significant level of EFP protection as part of the basic design. PVI and Rafael Armament Development Authority of Israel jointly created a very high level of threat protection into the GOLAN from the outset. In its base configuration, the GOLAN can stand up to many EFP threats, Fragmentation IEDs, Heavy Machine Gun Fire, and even RPG threats. PVI is currently building 60 MRAP Initial Low Rate Production units and, according to Michael Sandusky, General Manager, is preparing the production facilities to produce 2,000 more in the next twelve months.



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