PVI's ShieldAll Armor Completes Counter IED Testing

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PVI's ShieldAll armor system developed by Battelle and PVI, is designed to offer broader protection, in a relatively lightweight and compact application - this armor solution is 1/3 lighter than steel armor, yet provides EFP protection which standard steel armor does not. The new armor recently completed a series of testing where it demonstrated its resilience against IED effects.

At less than 37 percent the weight of steel armor, the Battelle material alone is capable of stopping multiple armor piercing projectiles exceeding a 7.62mm threat as a stand-alone component. When combined with Protected Vehicles, Inc. armoring methodologies, the complete system is capable of stopping threats from 50-caliber armor-piercing shells without the weight associated with conventional metal or ceramic armor.

According to PVI, this new armor solution is based on readily available components and ongoing involvement from a tier one polymer manufacturer. ShieldAll™ is available immediately for large-scale production ramp up.

The new armor is implemented on PVI’s Golan, Alpha and Protector line of vehicles. It will also be offered as up-armor kit for a wide range of new and operational military vehicles. In addition, Battelle considered personal armor applications for the new material, giving soldiers in the field more mobility while allowing equal or better protection to current body armor.



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