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Armored Vehicles Defense Update


August 2009 Armor News Brief

New Networking for the BCT

The network initiative currently under analysis and review, will partly derive from the FCS network technologies, and dovetail into an incremental network strategy to be implemented throughout the U.S. land forces. The network was designed as a central and critical component of the FCS strategy, hence, it was designed to be so robust and resilient, that it required a new vehicle with unique infrastructure available only by the specially designed 'Manned Ground Vehicle' for full implementation. The Army panel will now take a fresh look at these requirements including new capabilities, technologies and lessons learned from the FCS program. (Read more...)

U.S. Army Reshaping Requirements for the Future Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV)

Major acquisition programs currently being formulated will replace major fragments of the FCS. For example, instead of the eight variants of the tracked manned Ground Vehicle, cancelled along with FCS, the Army is seeking new vehicles to be developed under the Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program being formulated these days. (Read more...)

July 2009 Armor News Brief

M-ATV Production to Reach 1,000 Vehicles a month by Year's End

According to the U.S. Marine Corps, the current program has the authority to procure up to 5,244 M-ATVs, as funding becomes available. Under the contract, Oshkosh Corporation will produce and deliver M-ATVs as fast as possible to meet the urgent need in Afghanistan. Oshkosh Corporation is expected to eventually produce up to 1,000 vehicles a month. Oshkosh Corporation plans to reach that monthly mark by December 2009. The indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract is a three-year contract with possible delivery orders up to $3.3 billion for the production, delivery and associated support of the M-ATV. It is anticipated that the first M-ATVs will be fielded before the end of the year. (more...)

German Army to get 405 Puma Armored Fighting Vehicles

With the completion of field testing of five Puma prototypes by the German Ministry of Defense the vehicle manufacturer PSM GmbH was awarded a contract by the Federal German Defence Technology and Procurement Agency (BWB) for the delivery of 405 Puma armored combat vehicles, at an estimated value of €3.1 billion. Deliveries will commence next year. The Puma program is considered to the largest Western European armaments project for land forces. PSM (Project System and Management) is a joint venture in which Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf each hold a 50% stake, The Puma offers high level of protection, mobility and firepower, as well as air-mobility. The vehicle will gradually replace the Marder IFV, a 30 years veteran of the Bundeswehr. (Read more...)

Marines Equip a Third of MRAP Fleet with Independent Suspensions

Force Protection, Inc. has received contracts worth $70 million to equip 1,317 Cougar MRAPs with independent suspensions. The new outfit is expected to be completed by February, 2010 Together with the suspension kits awarded to Oshkosh, the total program cost is expected to reach $228 million. (Read more...)

Assault Bridges and Breacher Vehicles to Improve Combat Mobility for US Army, Marines

The U.S. Army and Marine Corps are fielding new tracked vehicles - the Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) and the Assault Breacher Vehicles (ABV) - intended to improve battlefield mobility. The ABV is designed to breach minefields and complex obstacles and provide a deliberate and in-stride breaching capability for the Marine Air Grounds Task Force and the Army Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

New Textile-Based Armor Designed to Defeat RPG Attacks

A new textile-based vehicle armor system is being installed on heavy trucks, replacing the heavy and cumbersome bar armor currently in use. Unveiled at the British MOD DVD 09 event, Tarian armor provides effective, lightweight protection against RPGs. More than 20 sets have been ordered and are in use on operations in Afghanistan, with half of them fitted to the Heavy Equipment Transporters. (more...)

BAE Systems Introduces the RG-34 Light Armored Vehicle

BAE Systems has acquired the South African designed and developed “Iguana” light armored vehicle, to be branded as RG34. The vehicle will be marketed to military, peace-keeping and security authorities globally. The vehicle was originally developed by IADSA, under contract from Sabiex in Belgium. (more...)

Sweden Selects AMV for Armored Personnel Vehicle Modernization

The Swedish defense procurement office (FMV) has awarded Patria of Finland the contract to deliver 113 Armored Modular Vehicles (AMV) to the Swedish Armed Forces. The contract value is about €240 million. Deliveries are expected to begin 2011 and span over two years.

Finland Embarks on Armored Vehicles' Mid-Life Update

Finland is planning to upgrade its Leopard 2A4 tanks and XA-180/185 wheeled vehicles with a Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) packages extending their service life through 2030.

Boeing Awarded US Marine Corps Contract for MRAP Recovery Vehicles

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] was awarded a $5.2 million contract to provide a solution for recovering disabled Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles from hostile areas. Under the contract Boeing and teammate AES will build four Joint Recovery and Distribution System MRAP-Recovery Trailer Systems (JRaDS MRAP-RTS) for functional testing and operational certification. Following these evaluations the contract is expected to transition to production. AES designed the trailer’s chassis and suspension system, and will build the initial four trailers at its facility in Houghton, Mich. The trailers are scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2009 for two months of testing before transitioning to the U.S. Army under the JRaDS Joint Capability Technology Demonstration program.

300 Strykers on the way to Afghanistan

Facing continued pressure on supply routes to Afghanistan, the U.S. Army is vehicles relying on aerial delivery of more than 300 Stryker destined for the 5th Stryker Brigade Combat Team deploying this summer from its home base in Ft. Lewis Washington state. The vehicles and equipment are being taken by ship for the majority of the trip around the world, and then Air Force assets take over to fly the last portion of the journey into land-locked Afghanistan. U.S. Air Mobility Command officials plan to move the 300-plus vehicles and support equipment, totaling nearly 9,500 tons, into Afghanistan over the next two months on C-17 Globemaster IIIs flown by military crews, an AN-124s, operated by commercial partners.