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IDF, Industry Explore Improvements in Vehicle Protection

The Wave remotely controlled weapon station is installed on the M-113 hybrid armor demonstrator, in addition to the Iron Fist launcher (left) and associated radar sensor (right). Photo: Defense Update
IMI displayed here two versions of modified M-113s, the Urban Fighter protected with a combination of slat armor, and compound armor designed to defeat roadside bombs and IEDs. Another configuration displayed here utilized a hybrid (passive and reactive) armor suite designed to defeat RPGs, IEDs. The vehicle also demonstrated the use of IMI's Iron-Fist active protection system. The company unveiled here one of the munitions developed for the system. (more...) (Current News)

This munition is fired from traversable, twin-barrel launcher, positioned at each side, protecting the vehicle flanks. The munition is fired in the general direction of the incoming threat, and activated by command from the vehicle, defeating the threat by a blast wavefront that shatters, crushes or destabilizing the projectile, rendering its shaped charge ineffective. The system is designed to intercept multiple threats or conduct multiple intercepts of the same threat, improving the probability of kill of such threats.

Among the armored vehicles on display here were the Safaron, based on an armored International Series 7000 truck. The vehicle is utilized for logistical support, including transportation of personnel, supplies and medical evacuation.

The Zeev 2, developed by Rafael and Hatechof replaced the armored version of the Abir previously used by the IDF. The new 4x4 vehicle utilized a larger Ford F-550 chassis. At a curb weight of 7,500 kg, Zeev-2 is designed for maximum gross vehicle weight of 8,640 kg. and has accommodation for 11 fully equipped soldiers. More details on the new Namer Heavy Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) are available in a separate article.

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