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Iranian Shahab missile being prepared for launch during the fourth annual 'Great Prophet' exercise.

New Rockets Expanding the Asymmetric Kinetic Toolkit

Iron Dome C-RAM system Demonstrated in Test Firing

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Missiles News Update September 09

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Iran Unveils Upgrades for Shahab, Zelzal Missiles

Iran has test fired enhanced Shehab-1 and -2 medium range missiles, as well as Shahab-3B and Sejil long range ballistic missiles, as part of the fourth annual 'Great Prophet' military exercises held by late September in Central Iran. The Zelzal-2 system enhancement included the use of a new twin-launcher, effectively doubling thefiring capacity of the missile system. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) missile Corps unit also performed a night launch of the liquid-fueled Shahab 1 and 2 missiles from unprepared locations, conducting a coordinated salvo firing of two missiles. The Iranians are developing new procedures to accelerate pre-launch preparation of these missiles. For the third phase of the exercise the IRGC launched the long range Shahab-3B and Sejil missiles. Iran is enhancing the Shahab missile by adapting the missile to carry multiple warheads, derived from the Fajr-3 short range rocket. The typical payload of Shahab missiles is 760 - 1,200 kg while the Fajr-3 warhead weighs 45 kg. The Iranian sources did not specify the type of Shahab being modified.

STSS Provides 'Eyes in Space' for U.S. Missile defense

The first pair of Space Tracking and Surveillance System demonstration (STSS-Demo) satellites were launched September 25, 2009 on a NASA Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral, FL. The satellite's sensors comprise a launch detection sensor and a movable tracking sensor to follow midcourse objects in space. They employ both infrared and visible cameras, capable of tracking and discriminating missiles in midcourse; report on post-boost vehicle maneuvers, reentry vehicle deployments and the use of various types of decoys. The sensor will also provide post-engagement hit/kill assessment. (read more...)

Russian S-500 - a New Anti-Missile Defense System

Russian Air Force Deputy Commander for Air Defense Lieut. General Sergei Razygrayev confirmed in an interview with the Moscow Ekho radio that Russia is developing a new, more advanced air and missile defense system designated S-500. The new system development is expected to be completed by 2012. The missile is designed to intercept primarily medium range missiles - what Russia considers 'a new type of threat'. (read more...)

Mini-Spike Anti-Personnel Guided Weapon

At the exhibition held alongside the 3rd land warfare conference held at Latrun Sept 2, 2009 Israel's Directorate for Defense Research & Development (DDR&D) provided a glimpse into some of the new and exciting programs currently underway with participating industries. Among these were the mini-Spike missile system, the smallest member of Rafael's electro-optically guided missiles. Mini-Spike is the first implementation of an anti-personnel precision attack missile, designed for operation at the company and platoon level. (Ream more...)

Israel Unveils New Precision Weapon Systems for the Ground Forces

New Israeli hardware was unveiled today at the Latrun 3rd annual conference discussing maneuver in complex terrain. Many of the new systems were unveiled by the Ground Forces Command's (GFC) weapons development department, responsible for the maturization of new weapon systems, command for the armor, infantry, combat engineering and artillery corps. Other programs displayed here are sponsored or supported by the Israel Ministry of Defense Directorate Research & Development (DDR&D) were displayed by four industries that supported the event, including IAI, Rafael, IMI and Azimuth.

Arrow-2 Test Launch Aborted

A long range missile intercept test utilizing the Improved Arrow-2 was aborted yesterday (July 22, 2009) after one of the communications channels failed to link with the interceptor.

Networked Precision Attack Missile Performs Moving Target Kill

The U.S. Army's new Precision Attack Missile has recently demonstrated a direct hit on a moving T-72 target. The missile was able to discriminate the tank from other moving vehicles, as it located the target after flying at a distance of 9 kilometers from the launch site.

B-2 Massive Ordnance Penetrator Weapon Integration Underway

The U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirit stealth bomber has began hardware fit check at Whiteman Air Force Base, Montana in preparation of the integration of the 30,000 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) weapon. Integration of the MOP on the B-2 is part of an ongoing modernization of the stealth bomber.

New anti-ship missile to be Demonstrated by DARPA

DARPA and the U.S. Office of Naval Research are embarking on the development of a new offensive surface weapon called Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), capable of outperforming adversary anti-ship missiles and air and missile defenses. DARPA goal for teh program is to fly a technology demonstration missile of sufficient maturity to support rapid transition to operational use.

Oman Opts for Land-based VL-MICA Air Defense System

Oman has selected the VL MICA short-range air defence system, becomingthe first export customer for the land-based VL MICA system. The naval variant of the missile has already been ordered by two export customers. MBDA will be the prime contractor and integrator of a system to include a command and coordination centre (Tactical Operations Centre), truck-mounted vertical launch systems and surveillance and acquisition radar.

OCCAR Delivers First European SAMP/T Missile Interceptor System

A major milestone was achieved with the delivery of the first SAMP/T missile by the Joint European Armament Cooperation Organization (OCCAR) in May 2009. In total, the joint Franco-Italian program will procure 15 SAMP/T systems 10 for France and five for Italy. The system employs a ground-based version of the naval Aster 30 surface to air interceptor, capable of intercepting Scud-type missiles is the first European missile system capable of performing missile defense missions. The French military will receive the 10 systems by 2013 and the Italians expect to complete delivery by 2016.