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An artist impression of RATTLRS supersonic cruise missile launched from a Litening II JSF

General Dynamics to Produce Two Unmanned Surface Vessels for LCS Anti-Submarine Mission Package

Israel's coastal surveillance radars will be replaced by new radars to be located on power-station's smokestacks.

The first F-22 Raptor destined for deployment in the Pacific Rim rolled out Oct. 16. It will be deployed with at Hickam AFB in Hawaii.

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Defense Update - October 20th, 2006

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Upcoming events October:

18-22 / Defense Asia 2006 exhibition, Republic of Korea
23-25 / Annual Border Management conf., Washington DC, USA
23-27 / EuroNaval 2006 exhibition, Paris, France
30-31 / UV North America, Washington DC, USA
30-31 / Urban Operations conference, London UK
31 / Night Vision conference, London UK

Upcoming events: November:
31/10 - 5/11 Airshow China 2006 exhibition, Zuhai, China
1 - 2 / Night Vision (London, UK)
4 - 5 / Heli-Power (London, UK)
8 - 9 / Coastal Surveillance (Singapore)
8 - 9 / Land Systems - Digitized Battlespace (London, UK)

13 - 15 / Light Armored Vehicles, (Arlington, VA. USA)

13 - 15 / Unmanned Vehicles (Pretoria, South Africa)
14 / US Air Force Defense Industry Day (Washington, DC, USA)
15 - 17 / Combat ID Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
20 - 24 / IDEAS - 2006 (Karachi, Pakistan)
20 - 24 / Indo Defense 2006 (Jakarta, Indonesia)
27 - 28 / Future UAV (London, UK)
31/11 - 1/12 Exponaval (Valparaiso, Chile)
27 - 30 / Defense Logistics (Washington DC, USA)
29/11 - 1/12 Helicon 2006 Huntsville, AL USA
29/11 - 1/12 Intelligence Analysis & Processing, Washington DC

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Supersonic Cruise Missile demo Completes Ground Tests

The development of an advanced supersonic cruise-missile is progressing, as Lockheed Martin concludes the final series of high speed sled tests of the Revolutionary Approach To Time-critical Long Range Strike (RATTLRS) flight demonstrator, examining different aspects of terminal flight phase. Tests included subsonic sled tests, supersonic submunition dispensing and most recently, high velocity penetration of concrete target. Flight testing of the new cruise missile TD is scheduled to start within a year.

DHS to Evaluate SkyGuard Laser for Airport Protection Role

The US Department of Homeland Security is spending US$1.9 million on an evaluation of Northrop Grumman's land-based, counter-MANPADS laser system (Skyguard) . The 18 month program will evaluate the capabilities of the system to defeat typical missile threats to passenger aircraft. As part of the program, Northrop Grumman will develop a detailed operational concept for using ground-based high-energy laser systems in the civil aviation environment, perform component-level testing and assess life-cycle costs.
US Navy Orders USVs for the Littoral Combat Ship

General Dynamics Robotic Systems is developing an 11 meter long Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) to be deployed as part of the anti-submarine warfare mission module operated with the US Navy's new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). In May 2006 the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center awarded the company US$ 8.5 million, followed with $12.7 million in October, for the development and production of two USVs. The unmanned vessel will be designed to employ towed acoustic arrays, dipping sonar sensors and acoustic sources and payloads on missions. General Dynamics' teammates for the USV program include Navatek, Alion Science and Technology , Signal Systems Corporation, International Logistics Systems, and Chesapeake Sciences Corporation.

Israel transitions to Unmanned Coastal Surveillance

The Israeli Navy plans to dismantle tens of coastal surveillance radar stations and replace them with unattended radar sensors to be deployed on the smokestacks of the coastal power stations. All surveillance systems will be monitored centrally at three regional command and control sites. As the new installations will be located remotely from population centers, more powerful radars could be used, providing better coverage and resolution. The transition to the new deployment is expected to complete by 2008. The navy made the decision following a successful evaluation made in recent years.

F-22's Situational Picture to be Shared through a New Datalink

Northrop Grumman is developing the Intraflight Datalink Gateway System for the F-22 Raptor, the program will integrate a data link interoperability allowing the F-22 Raptor to communicate with other platforms. The 24-month program is funded by the Defense Microelectronics Activity's Advanced Technology Support Program, under a $8.5 million contract. Currently, F-22s are equipped wit a sophisticated datalink system that enables Raptors to share situational pictures among themselves, but this capability cannot be extended to other platforms.

Boeing to Build Three Additional Wideband Gapfiller Satellites

Boeing will build three Block II Wideband Gapfiller Satellites (WGS) for the U.S. Air Force MILSATCOM Systems Wing. The Block II satellites will be similar to the three Block I satellites already in production. The 13-kilowatt WGS satellites are based on Boeing's 702 bus, utilizing digital signal processors and phased array antennas. The first WGS satellite is scheduled for launch in 2007. The initial Block II will be ready for launch by the first quarter of 2011 and subsequent launches every year thereafter. WGS will augment and eventually replace the DSCS currently on station. The total value of the three satellites could sum at $1.067 billion.

New Algorithm Tracks Multiple Target's Motion on Video

Technest Holdings, Inc. is developing a real-time, multiple target tracking Moving Target Indicator (MTI) algorithm to be used in video surveillance systems deployed on with unmanned aerial systems. The system, called SmartMTI will be able to detect, extract and track the locations and movement history of multiple targets in real time within any image data.




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