US Army Orders More OSRVTs

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The US Army exercised options to contract order 613 One System remote video terminals (OSRVTs) and associated antennae from AAI Corp for about $20 million. These orders bring the total order sofar to 930 systems, part of framework order that includes up to 1,517 systems bringing the total program up to $73.6 million. The program also includes the delivery of Extended-range antennas enabling OSRVT users to extend reception range up to 80 kilometers.

OSRVTs are small, mobile, intelligence-gathering systems capable of delivering live video and telemetry data to warfighters from an array of unmanned and manned aircraft systems operating across a multi-service, intelligence-sharing, interoperability network. Using OSRVTs, warfighters simultaneously receive live video and positional data integrated on their hand-held video terminals. A video "footprint" and icons identify aggressor and "friendly" units, vehicles, facilities, landscape, and other features that are overlaid on a dynamic, live geo- location map.



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