President Bush Requests Congress to add $45.9 billion funding to sustain the Global War on Terror

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President Bush sent today to the US Congress an update of funding requirements for 2008 to continue funding the Global War on Terror and address other urgent national security needs. The request includes an amendment of $45.9 billion, added to the pending request for $150.4 billion, totaling $196.5 billion of which $189 billion are destined to fund the Department of Defense war effort.

The requested funding includes the allocation of $11 billion to maintain some 7,200 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle acquired this year and $3.1 billion for countermeasures and protection from counter-sniper and improvised explosive devices (IED). $8.1 billion are requested for ongoing military and intelligence requirements in the Global War on Terror, including costs related to the increase in troop levels in Iraq and the announced plan for a staged withdrawal of five Brigade Combat Teams by July 2008. Additional $8.8 billion are required for reset of equipment worn out during recent combat operations while $5.4 billion are requested to fill equipment shortfalls of fresh units before they are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. One billion dollars are requested to expand training of national guards and reserve units, in anticipation of recruiting more units, thus reducing the reserve deployment schedules. Almost three quarters of billion dollars will be required to pay for the increased cost of fuel. $1.7 billion will be required for improving medical care for wounded service members and for family support.

To improve the ability of Iraqi forces to secure the country, the President requests additional $1 billion to expand the Iraqi security forces and improve their ability to conduct independent counterinsurgency operations. According to the president's request, this amount will supplement a substantial investment made by the Iraqi Government. An additional billion dollars will be required for investment in infrastructure development and force protection supporting US operations in theater. In addition, About $1.2 billion are requested to support local and government activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. About a quarter billion dollars from these amounts will be spent under the Commander's Emergency Response Program in Afghanistan, which allows commanders to address urgent needs of local communities.



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