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Newscast: October 2, 2007

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  • Syria's Chemical Weapons Proliferation Hydra New!
    Parallel to its nuclear development ambitions, Syria dramatically expanded its chemical warfare capabilities. This feature outlines some of the recent developments and brings vivid images showing the extensive buildup in Al-Safir base, where on 25th of July this year, a mysterious explosion killed 15 military personnel.
  • Assad's "big secret" A Joint Iran-Syrian-DPRK Nuclear Program?
    There have been persistent allegations that Syria's regime wants to create its own nuclear weapons capability. Will the recent "air show" mystery over northern Syria bring these covert actions to light?

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October planned events:

Joint Search & Rescue, 1-3 Oct. Washington DC, USA
Helitech 2007 - U.K. 2 - 4 Oct, Imperial War Museum, London UK
Modern day Marine 2- 4 Oct., Quantico, VA. USA
AUSA Annual Meeting 2007, 8 - 10 Oct., Washington DC, USA
MilComms 2007, 9 - 10 Oct. London, UK
Milipol 2007, 9 - 12 Paris, France
Naval & Defense 2007, 9 - 12 Oct. Busan, Rep. of Korea
Border Security Asia 2007, 10 - 11 Oct. Singapore
TechNet Europe 2007, 16 - 19 Oct. Stockholm, Sweden
Seoul Air Show, 16 - 21 Oct., Seoul, Rep of Korea
Coastal Surveillance 2007., 17 - 18 Oct. Singapore
Intelligence Analysis and Processing., 22 - 24 Oct. Washington DC USA
Border Management Summit., 22 - 25 Oct. Washington DC, USA
NATO/EU Air Systems Requirements Conference, 24-25 Oct. Riga, Latvia
Heli-Asia 2007., 24 - 25 Oct. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Energizing Indian Aerospace., 25 - 26 Oct. New delhi, India
MILCOM 2007., 28 - 31 Oct. Orlando, FL, USA

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IAI Introduces a New Naval Attack Missile - Gabriel V

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is working on a new anti-ship missile designed as a primary armament for naval vessels. With dimensions similar to the Exocet and Harpoon, Gabriel-5 represents the latest member in IAI's Gabriel family of naval attack missiles. The new Gabriel 5 is designed to offer superior performance compared to most contemporary missiles, particularly when employed in littoral waters against sophisticated soft- and hard-kill defenses.

Bahrain Fields New Missile Defense Radar

Lockheed Martin [NYSE:LMT] has delivered an AN/TPS-59(V)3B ballistic missile defense radar system to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The radar proceeded smoothly through a site acceptance test in August and now is being used by the Bahrain Defence Force for air surveillance. The new radar will only provide early warning on missile attacks, since Bahrain does not yet possess 'hard kill' missile defenses. In wartime, the radar could be integrated with Patriot missile defense systems to provide a complete missile defense solution for the island state.

US Army Orders More OSRVT Rovers

The US Army exercised options to contract order 613 One System remote video terminals (OSRVTs) and associated antennae from AAI Corp for about $20 million. These orders bring the total order sofar to 930 systems, part of framework order that includes up to 1,517 systems bringing the total program up to $73.6 million. The program also includes the delivery of Extended-range antennas enabling OSRVT users to extend reception range up to 80 kilometers.

Israel Air Force Orders Elbit System's Lizards

The Israel Air Force (IAF) has selected the Lizard laser-guided bombs from Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT). According to Yoram Shmueli, Joint General Manager of Elbit Systems’ Airborne division, the decision to equip the IAF with Lizard represents an important breakthrough for Elbit Systems. Sofar the IAF relied mainly on LGBs supplied by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) LGBs and similar weapons supplied under the US Foreign Military Sales. Elbit Systems has already supplied the Lizard laser-guided bomb kit to several international customers including NATO-member countries. The Lizard guidance kit uses a sophisticated systemdeveloped in-house by Elbit. A spin-off from this technology has also been selected by Boeing for use in the dual-mode laser guided Joint Direct Aattack Munition (JDAM) guided bomb.

RAFAEL Unveils Panoramic, Vehicular Electro-Optical Gunshot Detector

At the upcoming AUSA 2007 exhibition in Washington DC, RAFAEL is planning to introduce a new vehicular version of the Spotlite electro-optical gunshot locator. The system is currently in development, with R&D funded by several customers. It's unique sensor and signal processing provides fully panoramic coverage, initiating threat warning, detection and localization within few seconds from a gunshot, rocket or a missile being launch, well before the threat reaches its target. RAFAEL plans to complete an integrated vehicular system before the year's end.

Hermes 450 Operational with British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

British Army capabilities in southern Iraq were significantly boosted since July this year when Hermes-450 (H450) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) began operating in the region. The UAVs have now been delivered to Afghanistan and both will ramp up to a full operating capability by February 2008, providing almost continuous ISTAR support to theatre troops over a large area. The British forces procured the services of these UAV as an interim capability, until the Watchkeeper UAVs are fielded. Therefore, the UAVs owned by Thales UK are operated and maintained by 32 Regiment Royal Artillery.

Washington to Invest $2.25 Billion Equipping 25 new Iraqi Battalions

Washington is planning a massive arms sale to Iraq, to equip 25 additional battalions and brigade headquarters. If all options are exercised, this sale could be as high as $2.257 billion. According to Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), This expansion will enable Iraq to equip new forces to assume the missions currently accomplished by U.S. and coalition forces and to sustain themselves in their efforts to bring stability to the country.

AeroVironment Launches Global Observer HALE UAS for SSSOCOM

AeroVironment, Inc. (AV) (NASDAQ:AVAV) will develop and build three high altitude, long endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial systems for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The contract includes development and production of one Global Observer platform and ground station and options for the delivery of two additional aircraft and one additional ground station, resulting in a potential contract value of $108 million. Tim Conver, chairman and chief executive officer of AV Considers the new platform to introduce a brand new value proposition – affordable persistence in the stratosphere.

Marines Buy Ear-Protecting Headsets for $27 Million

Nacre AS was awarded a $27 million firm-fixed-price commercial contract by the by the Marine Corps System Command to supply the Quietpro Integrated Intra Squad Radio (IISR) Hearing Protection Headset (IISR-HPH). You can read more on the Quietpro system and how it protects warfighter's hearing in our latest coverage of Remote Radio Controllers & Headset modern infantry radios


DTI to Continue Studying Air Delivered UAVs

Defense Technologies Inc. has been awarded $25 million to continue a study of a 'Wing and Bomb Bay Launched Unmanned Air Vehicle' over the next five years. The program is currently in the 3rd phase of a 'Small Business Initiative Research' (SBIR) program funded by the US Navy. The technology is expected to provide for the research, development, and engineering support for open source, secure, net ready, modular common control stations for unmanned systems. Air inserted UAVs such as Coyote, Finder and Voyeur are becoming increasingly popular among the services, as they enabling the deployment of small, relatively low-cost UAVs from unmanned systems or aircraft at significant depths without risking ground, special ops or manned aerial assets. A future system called RapidEye pursued by DARPA, will enable the deployment of a UAV by an intercontinental ballistic missile, to cover any spot on the globe with persistent aerial surveillance within 60 minutes.

Pentagon Adds $16 Million to Viper Strike

Northrop Grumman Systems Corp was awarded a $16 modification to a cost-plus-fixed-fee and firm-fixed-price contract for Viper Strike Munitions and engineering services. The work is expected to be completed by the end of next year (2008). Viper Strike are expected to be fielded with medium-altitude, long endurance unmanned systems such as Sky warrior and the Hunter Tactical UAS, as well as the Air Force Special Operation Command AC-1320 Spectre gunships.

Britain to Deliver 72 Typhoons to Saudi-Arabia

The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the Government of Saudi Arabia has reached agreement with the UK Government to purchase 72 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The agreement follows plans outlined in December 2005 to modernize the Saudi Arabian Air Force. Under the terms of the current agreementthe new Typhoons would replace Tornado ADV fighters and other aircraft currently in service with the Royal Saudi Air Force. (more...)

Russia Modernizes Tactical Air Defense

Following the initial deployment of the S-400 strategic anti-missile air defense system, the Russian Army plans to embark on a modernization of its tactical air defense assets, with the fielding of a modernized version of the Tor-M2 (SA-15 Gauntlet) and BUK M3 (SA-11 Gadfly) missiles. Upgrades and life extension programs will also be performed with the SA-8 (Gecko) mobile air defense units, mobile short range Tunguska missile-gun system and Strela 10 (SA-13 Gopher). (more...)

The Iranian Air Force flew the new Saeqeh , V tailed F-5 reversed-engineered F-5 on Septembe 2007. Photo: ISNA, by Amir Pourman
Saeqeh - Iran's New Thunderbolt

The Iranians flew last week the first two aircraft from the new Azarakhsh (Thunder) fighter family. These fighters were locally built and are based on adaptations of reversed-engineered, modified (twin-tail) American F-5 platforms developed by IRI, the Air Force and Iran's Defense Ministry. The development of the aircraft began in the late 1990s and proceeded through different designs and prototype phases. The current version named Saeqeh (Thunderbolt), represent the second type of the Azarakhsh fighter. The Iranians described these fighters The first version of the Azarakhsh  twin-tail F-5 derivative developed in Iran. Photo: MEHRas similar to the American F-18 Hornet. An earlier model was flown for the first time last month at Isfahan. The development of the Azarakhsh was first announced in September 2006.

British Forces To Field MWMIK – A New Long Range Patrol Vehicle

The Playmouth based DML Company will supply the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) with Mobility Weapons-Mounted Installation Kit (MWMIK) to be used for long range patrols in Afghanistan. MWMIK continues a long tradition of long range desert patrol vehicles, pursued by the British forces since the early 20th century, and clearly demonstrated its validity in the Western Desert in WW2 and during the first gulf war. (more...)

Insight Technologies to Equip US Marines with Night Sights

Insight Technology, Inc. was selected to provide the Marine Corps with Individual Weapon Night Sights, Image Intensified (IWNS-I2) systems. The total worth of the contract over the two year period until 2009 could reach $53 million. These devices provide individual marine riflemen a rifle combat optic compatible night sight.

Robotic FX Wins US Army Tactical Robot Contract

The U.S. Army has awarded a five year contract worth up to $280 million to supply up to 3,000 small robotic vehicles, designed to combat IEDs and clear caves and buildings in combat areas. The contract is part of the Army's response to a Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement from commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army requires thousands such robots, weighing less than 50 pounds each to assist troops to clear objectives in urban areas and combat IEDs. (more...)

USAF To Deploy a New Persistent Video Surveillance from BAE

BAE Systems, Advanced Technologies will develop a wide area video surveillance system called ARGUS, offering real-time, persistent surveillance with high-resolution video. The company was awarded $18 for the development and transitioning ARGUS to the Air Force.

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