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Brigade's Modernization Systems 'Mature' for Fielding

Fielding of Future Combat Systems with active units has got closer recently, with Early-Infantry Brigade Combat Team (E-IBCT) capabilities passing the Critical Design Review (CDR) milestone – a key milestone in U.S. Army modernization effort. E-IBCT capabilities are planned to be fielded to seven Infantry Brigade Combat Teams beginning in 2011. The Army is planning additional increments as part of its modernization strategy.



Army Lab Prepares for Warrior Experiment

More than 150 soldiers will be participating in the three-week Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE 2010), performing 14 different missions. The experiment will take place in early 2010 at the Army's Maneuver Battle Lab at Fort Benning, Ga. The experiment will call for the integration of more than 25 technologies from 20 different companies and government agencies, operating on a single integrated backbone network. The bi-annual AEWE program support the Army's rapid and long-term development, and support the evolution of relevant doctrine and TTP’s to support the current force while examining future force requirements and formation through simulations and experimentation.

Common Jammer to Become the Core of future C-IED

The US military is working on a new family of advanced IED jammers under the Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (J-CREW) 3.3 program. These next-generation Counter-IED devices are being developed as a common module, utilizing an open architecture supporting vehicular or backpack applications and integration with other systems. The core module will be able to link with local communication systems to eliminate vulnerability gaps. Two companies were selected to develop prototypes – Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems and ITT Force Protection Systems. The two companies were awarded $24.3 and 16 million contracts for the demonstration phase.

A160T Helicopter UAVs to Carry FORRESTER Radars

The U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command (ARDEC) plans to acquire four FORRESTER foliage penetrating radars from Syracuse Research Corporation, in addition to the two already delivered. The radar can operate under all weather and visibility conditions, providing persistent, stand-off coverage of moving vehicles and dismounted troops under foliage. These radars have already been tested in both single and double canopy foliage on helicopters and A160T UAVs. Next year the A160T is scheduled to deloy to Central America for evaluation by SOUTHCOM.