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Aurora's GoldenEye 80 Makes Successful First Flight

Royal Navy Fields the Largs Bay, its Newest Amphibious Ship

LEKTROX introduced by SDI as
non-lethal, wireless "electric shock" munition for standard firearms.

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13 - 15 / 11 Light Armored Vehicles, (Arlington, VA. USA)

13 - 15 / 11 Unmanned Vehicles (Pretoria, South Africa)
14 / 11 US Air Force Defense Industry Day (Washington, DC, USA)
15 - 17 / 11 Combat ID Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
20 - 24 / 11 IDEAS - 2006 (Karachi, Pakistan)
20 - 24 / 11 Indo Defense 2006 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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  Chinook Selected for USAF Combat Search & Rescue Role

The US Air Force selected a new version of the Boeing's Chinook helicopter for the future Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) helicopter. Boeing is expected to build 145 of the new Chinooks, to be designated HH-47. The new helicopter will replace the HH-60G (Pave Hawk) helicopters which are quickly approaching their useful service life limit, adding much needed endurance and load capacity for extended operations.

Non Lethal Electric Bullets Ammo for Standard Firearms?

Canadian based SDI Company announced that the development of its new LEKTROX Wireless Electric Bullet ammunition will soon be completed, enabling law enforcement and military users to extend forceful, non-lethal effect at distances of up-to 50-60 meters, utilizing standard issue weapons. The company plans to introduce electrical bullets for standard grenade launchers, including the 37/38mm used primarily by law enforcement units and the 40mm grenade launcher, used by the military. In 2008 the company plans to expand its offering to equip standard 12-guage shotguns with electrical bullets.

Royal Navy to Field New Amphibious Ship

The Royal Navy unveiled its latest amphibious landing ship, Royal Fleet Auxiliary Largs Bay, a 16,000t, 177m' long landing ship currently undergoing sea trails prior to entering service later in 2006. The ship is designed to deliver vehicles, troops and equipment ashore independent of shore facilities. The ship can carry 32 Challenger II Main Battle Tanks as well as over 350 fully armed troops, landing craft, and supporting stores. It can also carry two Chinook helicopters as deck cargo; the ship can operate a third helicopter from her flight deck. The amphibious landing ship can travel up to 8,000 miles at a speed of 15 knots (maximum speed 17 kt.).

DARPA to Demonstrate Fast Underwater Transport Craft

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding the development and demonstration of an undersea transport vehicle capable of traveling at controllable speeds of up to 100 knots, by using supercavitating techniques. Supercavitation involves surrounding an object with a bubble that allows it to travel at high speed. The study, conducted by General Dynamics Electric Boat Company will help determine the feasibility to propel a new class of high-speed underwater craft, which could be used for future littoral missions, transporting of high-value cargo and/or small units of personnel. This current program has a potential value of $37.1 million.

ATK's Booster for Raytheon/RAFAEL Stunner Interceptor

Alliant Techsystems Inc. was selected by Raytheon to develop a booster motor for the Stunner Interceptor, based on its composite booster motor technology. Stunner is a key element of the emerging U.S.-Israeli Short Range Missile Defense (SRMD) program. Raytheon Company and Rafael Armament Development Authority were selected in May by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and Israel Missile Defense Organization to develop the Stunner Interceptor under the U.S.-Israel SRMD program. The joint program aims to develop a common interceptor solution to defeat the proliferating threat of short-range ballistic missiles and rockets. Such threats are cheap, plentiful, easily concealed and largely exempt from international arms control accords.

Aurora's GoldenEye 80 Makes Successful First Flight

GoldenEye 80 unmanned air vehicle (UAV) made its maiden flight last week (Nov. 8). It is the third version of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capable aerial vehicle designed by Aurora Flight Sciences under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programs. GoldenEye 80 is being developed under the Organic Air Vehicle (OAV-II) program, addressing requirements for the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. GoldenEye 80 combines the stealth features and the performance features of the earlier programs with a heavy fuel engine and an advanced sensor payload to create a mature and effective system.




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