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DARPA, Boeing Resume A160
UAV Flight Tests

Final Missile Qualification Test

Planned Upgrades for Japanese
E-767 AWACS Fleet

India plans for a 3 Carrier Fleet.
This is the Ex Russian Admiral Gorshkov, to be inducted into Indian Navy service within two years.

Eurofighter Launches Upgrades
 for 115 Typhoons

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G550 Proposed for Tactical Smart Tanker (TST) Role

A team of Israeli companies, headed by IAI's Bedek is evaluating the benefits of introducing a new "Tactical Smart Tankers" (TST), based on the G550 special mission aircraft platform to replace some of the Boeing 707 tankers currently in Israel Air Force (IAF) service. TST could be equipped with boom or drogue, and provide a single refueling point, rather than the triple point configuration of current IAF operated Boeing 707s. However, faster turnaround, economical operation and outsourcing of some of the services could eventually save the IAF about US$18-20 million in annual operating costs. The concept was unveiled today (Nov. 16, 2009 at a conference on aerial refueling, held by the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies.

  Eurofighter Launches Upgrades for 115 Typhoons

All 115 Tranche 1 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft will be standardized through a series of "Capability Upgrade" projects. Priority in the R2 program is on the upgrade of Block 2B aircraft, as less work is required to bring these aircraft to the higher performance level. By the end of 2007, the combination of Block 5 new aircraft deliveries and upgraded R2 aircraft will enable the Partner Air Forces to meet their NATO commitment goals. All Tranche 1 aircraft are scheduled to complete upgrade to Block 5 FOC standard by early 2012.

EUROSAM Conducts Final Missile Qualification Test
The Franco-Italian SAMP/T medium-range land based missile system successfully fired an ASTER 30 missile performing the third and final system qualification firing test. The missile intercepted a C-22 target drone equipped with radar jammer, flying at an altitude of 3,000 meters and at a range in excess of 10km. Participating in the test were the SAMP-T Engagement Module, the ARABEL Radar and Identification Module, a Vertical Launch Unit and the ASTER 30 Missile. The successful completion of the program opens the way for the system’s operational evaluation with the French and Italian Armed Forces.
DARPA, Boeing Resume A160 UAV Flight Tests
The Boeing Company has resumed test flight operations of the A160 Hummingbird UAV last week. The current series of test flights is being conducted using the six-cylinder gasoline engine variant. The company is preparing a version of the Hummingbird UAV equipped with turbine engine. Flight testing of this version is planned for next spring (2007). The UAV has accumulated more than 1,000 ground test hours and 58.5 flight hours during 32 flights. Operational A160Ts will be capable of performing persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; target acquisition; communication relay and precision re-supply missions.

  India plans for a 3 Carrier Fleet

India has plans to construct two additional aircraft carriers, in addition to the 37,500 ton vessel currently under construction at Cochin shipyards, making the Indian navy a ‘three-carrier navy’. The new 840 ft long ship will have 30 fighter planes (MiG-29K, Sea Harriers) and helicopters (ALH, Ka-31). The Indian Navy already operates one ex-British Navy carrier, INS Virat and is planning to have the Ex Russian carrier, INS Vikramaditya commissioned by 2008.

Planned Upgrades for Japanese E-767 AWACS Fleet

Japan is planning to upgrade its E-767 Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) aircraft with the investment of US$108 million in Boeing's Radar System Improvement Program (RSIP) kits. The four aircraft are operational in Japan since year 2000. The upgrade will increase the Japanese airborne radar's sensitivity, allowing it to detect and track smaller targets. The system's computer will also be upgraded with improved multi-processor and new software which will improve future enhancement and support. RSIP kits were developed by the radar manufacturer, Northrop Grumman and have been installed on the U.S., United Kingdom, NATO and French AWACS fleets.

New Targeting pods for Danish F-16s

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $20 million contract by the Royal Denmark Air Force (RDAF) for the supply of three new LANTIRN Extended Range (ER) targeting pods to equip Danish F-16s. Denmark already operate 13 LANTIRN pods which will also be upgraded under the current program. LANTIRN ER targeting pod has a third-generation mid-wave FLIR, an infrared pointer, an inertial measurement unit and extended range software. The RDAF targeting pods were upgraded in a previous contract to include a CCD TV, 40,000-ft. laser and a laser spot tracker.

Pakistan Requests Radars, Comms from U.S.

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems will supply 54 AN/APG-68(V)9 radars for a planned upgrade and procurement and modernization of Block 50/52 F-16s. The US$100 million contract awarded by U.S. Air Force Headquarters Aeronautical Systems Center will be completed by May 2010.Pakistan also requested to procure 3,746 tactical high frequency (HF) communications radios from Harris for an estimated cost of $160 million. The request submitted to Congress approval included 1,558 manpack systems, 2,188 vehicular systems and 175 vehicle mounted power amplifiers (150 Watt).

Sweden, Italy in Collaborative Multirole-AESA Development

Saab Microwave Systems AB, Selex Sistemi Integrati S.p.A and Elettronica S.p.A. are launching a second phase of research and development of M-AESA (Multi-role Active Electronically Scanned Antenna) technology to pursue next generation applications of multi-function, multi-role radar, communications and electronic warfare (EW) microwave systems. The program is sponsored by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and Italian department of defense. Implementing M-AESA technologies, developers will be able to design flexible multipurpose electronics in advanced platforms. M-AESA technology comprises digital beam forming to enable systems to detect, track and identify small targets in complex environment, detect, track, identify and jam emitter and communication threats.

U.S. Army gets Initial Rover III datalink terminals
L-3 Communications began shipping the next generation ROVER III data links. The new device enables users on the ground to receive information from remote sources using both analog L and C bands as well ad digital C band data-links. Further enhancements include the capability to interpret proprietary metadata, transmitted on many Unmanned Aerial Sensor (UAS) platforms. Rover, currently in operation with the U.S. Air Force, enables real-time aerial imagery, received directly from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. AAI Corp. is integrating the Rover III into the One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) it is supplying the U.S. Army.



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