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Russia Begins Deliveries of Tor M1 SAM to Iran

Korean MOD, Boeing Sign
AEW&C Contract

Malaysia to Buy Eight MB-339CM Trainers from Italy

USAF Exercises DAGR hand held
GPS systems $82 Million Option

Sagem to develop VTOL for the French Army, Navy



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Russia Begins Deliveries of Tor M1 SAM to Iran

The Russian news agency Interfax confirmed today that Russia has begun delivering Tor M1 air defense systems to Iran within the framework of an earlier signed agreement. "The deliveries of Tor M1 to Iran have begun. The first systems have been delivered to Iran," an unnamed source from the Russian defense industry was quoted by Interfax, adding that the Iranian soldiers who will operate the systems were trained in Russia. Rosoboronexport, the Russian defense export conglomerate did not comment on the report. Earlier Russian officials ignored the US calls for banning military sales to Iran. (Interfax)

Sagem to develop VTOL for the French Army, Navy

Sagem was selected by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) to develop the DVI - a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAV addressing joint requirements of the French Army and Navy. DVI will be required to operate over diverse conditions, from takeoff in mountainous terrain and in hot weather to landing on a frigate in difficult weather and maritime conditions. Sagem has teamed with Bell Helicopters to offer the Eagle-Eye tilt-rotor convertible UAV for the French and European VTOL UAV program. Eagle-Eye has already been selected for the U.S. Coast Guard Deepwater program.

Korea, Boeing Sign AEW&C Contract

The Korean Defense Acquisition Program Agency (DAPA) signed a contract valued at about US$1.59 billion for the procurement of four Boeing 737-700 Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft. The contract followed the conclusion of negotiations between the two sides, announced Nov. 8th. The negotiation took extended over two months, where the Koreans managed to reduce Boeing's price from the US$1.9 billion level, asked by Boeing, to the US$1.59 price. The first aircraft will be delivered in 2011 and the other three in 2012.

Malaysia to Buy Eight MB-339 CM Trainers from Italy 

Alenia Aermacchi has signed a €88 million contract with the Malaysian Defense Ministry for the supply of eight MB-339 CM aircraft plus support for two years. MB-339 CM will be used trainers will be used by the Royal Malaysian Air Force training unit based in Kuantan as a lead-in fighter, to train Malaysian pilots to fly front-line combat aircraft, including the new recently-acquired Sukhoi 30 MKM.

Chilean Navy Receives First ex Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate

On November 22 the Chile officially received the former Royal Navy frigate HMS Norfolk, renamed Almirante Cochrane. The vessel is the first of three former Royal Navy Type-23 frigates to be handed over to Chile, under a £134 million pound sales agreement signed in September 2005. The two other frigates (former HM Ships Grafton and Marlborough will join their sister ship in the Chilean Navy in 2008.
HM Ships Norfolk, Grafton and Marlborough were declared surplus to Royal Navy requirements as a result of force level adjustments announced in 2004. BAE Systems was appointed as the prime contractor for the refurbishment and reactivation work, bringing the vessels up to the Chilean Navy’s requirements. This transfer of the three Type 23 Frigates is the second major purchase of former British assets by Chile since 2000. The first stage in modernising Chile’s fleet was the acquisition of the Type 22 frigate HMS Sheffield in 2003, following her retirement from Royal Navy service.

Samsung Thales Supply Combat Systems for Korean Frigates

Samsung Thales was selected by the Republic of Korea ministry of defense to develop weapons and radar systems for a new fleet of 2,300-ton Ulsan-I class frigates, to be produced for the Korean Navy. The weapon system's development cost is estimated at US$156 million. Initial deliveries of the combat systems is expected by November 2011.

USAF Exercises DAGR Option with $82 Million Award

The U.S. Air Force has exercised an option to buy additional 37,787 Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGR) to replace some of the Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) systems currently in use. Rockwell Collins has been awarded US$82.6 million for the production of the systems. The hand-held, dual-frequency, lightweight receiver (weighs less than one pound) incorporates the next generation, tamper-resistant GPS selective availability anti-spoofing module security module.




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