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GDLS Awarded US$380 Million
M-1A2 SEP Retrofit

Spain Approves €324 million
SPIKE LR Acquisition

German Forces close gap in capabilities of protected


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  India Successfully Tests a New Missile Interceptor

The Indian Ministry of Defense announced the successful results of a missile intercept test, which involved the use of an unspecified ballistic missile interceptor, which targeted a Prithvi II ballistic missile, simulating an adversary's missile. During the test the trajectory of the target missile was continuously tracked and the information was compiled in the Mission Control Centre (MCC) and transmitted to Launch Control Centre (LCC) for launching the interceptor missile. The interceptor missile used inertial guidance in mid course and active seeker guidance for the terminal phase. The intercept took place over the Bay of Bengal. According to some accounts, the interceptor was also based on a modified Prithvi II. CNN, quoting an unidentified DRDO officials, the interceptor missile was "supersonic, highly maneuverable and was launched using its own mobile launcher".

Spain Approves €324 million SPIKE LR Acquisition

Spain will acquire 260 SPIKE-LR anti-tank missiles systems under a €324 million program recently approved by the Spanish Government. The program will cover the delivery of 260 launchers, 2,600 missiles and integrated logistic support. The new fiber-optically guided missiles offering unique "fire and forget" or "fire and update" capabilities will replace outdated Milan and Dragon missiles currently in service. Deliveries are expected to start in 2008. The prime contractor for the program will be supplied the General Dynamics-Santa Barbara Sistemas, with the Israeli missile manufacturer RAFAEL acting as subcontractor.

GDLS Awarded US$380 Million M-1A2 SEP Retrofit

General Dynamics was awarded US$380 million for Abrams System Enhancement Packages (SEP) Version 2 Retrofits for M-1A2 Tanks. The retrofit work is expected to be completed within three years. The company was awarded additional $40 million for technical support to the Abrams Tank Program. Under a parallel program, Allison Transmission was awarded US$117 for overhaul and support of the tank's X1100-3B transmission, which will be done as part of the CEP retrofit.

German Forces close gap in capabilities of protected

The German Armed Forces will acquire 20 EADS TransProtec protected personal transport system to improve transportation security for troops deployed to combat zones. TransProtec will be transported on the MAN Multi A3 FSA vehicle with protected driver’s cab already used by the German Armed Forces.

US Army Awards US$1.15 Billion for Bradley AFVs Reset

The US Army continues to process Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicles returning from the OIF combat zone. In 2005-2006 the Army awarded several contracts to United Defense and BAE Systems, totaling over US$1 billion. Last week the Army awarded BAE Systems additional Bradley remanufacturing work worth over $1.16 Billion funded within the FY 2007 budget. Deliveries of remanufactured vehicles will begin in April 2008 and last for 12 months.  The recent program will cover 490 M3A3, 120 M2A3 and plus some M7 BFIST vehicles.

Boeing Reports Progress with Autonomous Aerial refueling

Boeing reports successful Automated Aerial Refueling (AAR) flights, which demonstrated the capability to refuel an unmanned air vehicle in flight. AAR supports an autonomous formation flight capability to maintain a steady refueling station behind a tanker aircraft. Flight testing began in 2005 and lasted through August 2006. Testing will resume and continue through 2007, preparing the technology for implementation in US Air Force assets.

Consortium Seeks New Partners for Submarine Weapon

New Submarine Weapon Tested Successfully In the Presence of International Guests Diehl BGT began test flying of the prototype IDAS (Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines), a new submarine launched self-defense weapon.
UAV Performs Drop Test of U-ADD GPS Guided Payload
Textron Systems Corporation performed a first drop test of a Universal Aerial Delivery Dispenser (U-ADD) dropping the GPS guided dispenser from an RQ-5A Hunter UAV flying at an altitude of 13,000 ft.  The U-ADD will soon enter a product improvement phase to enhance its mission capabilities as well as expand the types and number of payloads that it can carry.



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