Underground Object Mapping Capability from BAE Systems

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The US Air Force awarded BAE Systems Electronics and Integrated Solutions, Inc. a $8 million contract to build and demonstrate an 'active electromagnetic' tomography sensor, designed to characterize complex sub-surface objects such as underground facilities or perimeter breaching tunnels. Such objects are usually concealed from conventional airborne imaging or radar based sensors. (More...)

The new technology called Airborne Tomography using Active Electromagnetics (ATAEM) is derived from field proven geophysical exploration concepts commonly used for mineral and oil exploration.

By illuminating the surface with electromagnetic energy ATAEM will interpret minute distortions of the electric and magnetic fields created by surface and sub-surface objects to detect and characterize surreptitious structures. The program elements will include the development of electromagnetic illumination sources, noise-isolated sensor payloads, and signals processing, and demonstrate them on an appropriate airborne platform.



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