RAF Typhoon Demonstrates PGM Attack for the First Time

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Last week (Nov. 15, 2007) a Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon from 11 Squadron performed the first drop of a precision guided bomb (1,000 lb laser guided Paveway 2 bomb) scoring a direct hit on the target 20 miles off the Welsh coast. The test followed an earlier weapon release trial performed by a BAE System last month. The target was designated by a twin seat Typhoon operated by BAE Systems, fitted with a Litening lll targeting pod. (More...)

According to the Typhoon Project Team Leader, Air Commodore Chris Bushell, the successful weapons trial indicates Typhoon is on the route towards achieving multi-role capability for Typhoon. Trials are continuing to perfect its bomb-dropping techniques with a view to achieving an initial air-to-ground attack capability by the summer of 2008.

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