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Global Hawk
$303 million Awarded for five Global Hawk UVS

Heron 1
Turkey, Israel in Disagreement over UAV Contract

Mantis 2
Flight Series Completes Mantis' Technical Evaluation Phase

Israel Emerges as 1st International Customer for the F-35A

Milipol 2009
Milipol 2009 Special Preview: Prowlers in Cyberspace

International Armored Vehicles
New Armored Vehicles Exhibition Attracts Industry Attention



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Lockheed Martin Launches NexGen Cyber Security Alliance
Actimize Takes over Fortnet, Integrates a Dominant Position Fighting Money Laundering
New Armored Vehicles Exhibition Attracts Industry Attention
Proposals are in for FRES -SV
Plasan Contracts BAE Systems for M-ATV Armor
Luftwaffe: Gearing for an Unmanned Future
Turkey, Israel in Disagreement over UAV Contract

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Ospreys Join the Fight, Supporting Marines in Afghanistan

OspereysThe U.S. Marine Corps has deployed the first detachment of MV-22B Osprey tilt rotor aircraft to Camp Bastion, in Hellmand province, Afghanistan. The ten aircraft are supporting Task Force Leatherneck area of operations. The 22nd MEU was the first Marine Expeditionary Unit to conduct a ship-based deployment with the tiltrotor aircraft. VMM-263 (Rein) attached to the MEU in September, 2008, and was also the first squadron to deploy with the aircraft to Iraq in 2007.
(read more...)

Israel Emerges as 1st International Customer for F-35A
Thales Reco NG Reconnaissance Pod Enters Flight Testing
AW149, AW159 Helicopters Perform First Flights
Brownout Blamed as the Cause of the Fatal Helicopter Crash

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Proposals are in for FRES -SV

FRES-SVGeneral Dynamics and BAE Systems have both submitted bids to provide the British Army's next generation of reconnaissance Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV). The winner of the £2bn first phase of the Future Rapid Effect System – Specialist Vehicles (FRES SV) vehicle is expected to be announced within 4-5 months, will replace the CVR(T) Scimitar, offering greatly improved protection, firepower and reconnaissance abilities. (read more...)

New Armored Vehicles Exhibition Attracts Industry Attention
French, German Troops Evaluate Advanced Warfighting during ARTIST Combat Experiment
Airbag RPG Countermeasure Completes First Testing Phase

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Israel, U.S. European Command Embark on Juniper Cobra Joint Air-Defense Exercise

juniper cobraTel Aviv - 22 October 2009: Israel and the United States have launched today, Wednesday October 21, their first day of the three-week Juniper Cobra 10 air defense exercise, being the largest ever joint-military exercises in missile defense, to be held by the two nations. About a thousand U.S. troops, from all four branches of service, will work alongside an equal number of Israel Defense Force personnel, taking part in computer-simulated war games intended to ensure the two countries can jointly respond to a crisis.
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Future Land-Based Air & Missile Defense at AUSA 2009
Precision Fires and Effects Outlined at AUSA 2009
M-501 NLOS - Non Line Of Sight Missile System
HAMMER - Ground Launched Loitering Missile
STSS to Provide 'Eyes in Space' for U.S. Missile defense
Russian S-500 - a New Anti-Missile Defense System

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RATS Carries Intelligence to the Warfighter

RATSRaytheon has developed an interactive mobile device called Raytheon Android Tactical System (RATS), designed for faster intelligence sharing, by efficiently delivering multimedia content to warfighters. (Read More...)

Northrop Grumman Introduces an Advanced Network for Combat Vehicles
Elbit Systems Unveils a Secure Ruggedized Handset
New Mobile X-Ray Scanner for EOD Robots
Homeland Security Technology from Israel: Electro-Optics
Persistent Surveillance & ISR at AUSA 2009

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Textron, L-3 Com Team for LCAC Successor Program

T-CraftTextron Marine & Land Systems has teamed with L-3 Communications to pursue the U.S. Navy’s future $4 billion Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) program. The Navy is planning to field the 73 ton Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV), starting in the year 2019, gradually replacing the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) hovercraft landing-craft currently in service. (Read More...)

U.S. Navy Accelerates LCS Operational Deployment
Japan Completes Testing of Missile Defense Destroyer
Germany Cancels Submarine Contract with Greece

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X-47B Remains on Schedule for Sea Trials despite First Flight Delay

X-47BThe first flight of the U.S. Navy’s X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstrator has been postponed by several months and will take place at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. in the second quarter of next year (2010). Originally, it was scheduled for late 2009. Naval Air Systems Command UCAS-D program office (PMA-268) and the aircraft designer Northrop Grumman continue pre-flight testing of the aircraft to ensure the system’s readiness to fly early next year. (read more...)

$303 million Awarded for five Global Hawk UVS
Turkey, Israel in Disagreement over UAV Contract
Flight Series Completes Mantis' Technical Evaluation Phase
ScanEagle to get MAD Hunting for Submarines
French, German Troops Evaluate Advanced Warfighting during ARTIST Combat Experiment
Yellow Jacket Fuses MASINT, IMINT, UAVs to Hunt IEDs

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Technological Aspects of Homeland Security: Fighting IEDs

IEDCellphones and other wireless communications devices are providing terrorists an effective means of control. By separating the device preparation and placement from the actual activation, IEDs can be planted in different locations and be activated by remote command, in response to the target's behavior – such as speed of movement, specific target vulnerability, local situation (vis-à-vis nearby civilians) or when a specific VIP is being targeted in a convoy. (See the video, Read the article...)

Prowlers in Cyberspace
Actimize Takes over Fortnet, Integrates a DOminant Position Fighting Money Laundering
Emergency Services as Information Outposts
Opgal Introduces Compact Thermal sensor
Stealth Probes Track Terrorists Online
Cellphones Yield Evidence for Crime Solving
Advanced Fire control, Thermal Sight Improve the Snipers' Combat Effectiveness
Analytics Improve Video Surveillance
Advanced Scanners for EOD Robots
C-True Provides Self-Service Biometric ID Kiosks

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