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December 13, 2006: Harris continues to expand the envelope of its latest Falcon family member – the AN/PRC-152(C) Falcon III radio. Following the recent SCA certification Harris Corporation demonstrated a new application of a software-programmable waveform that enables this software configurable radio to communicate between military, national guards and reserve units and commercially available APCO P25-based radios, commonly used with law enforcement, FBI, FEMA and other first responders.

This waveform will allow communications interoperability among military users, civil authorities, and first responders. The radio offers interoperability with a wide range of military radios, including Type-1 secured SINCGARS, Havequick II, HPW, VHF/UHF, and MIL-STD-188- 181B UHF SATCOM communications capabilities. The production version of the APCO P25 waveform will be available by summer 2007. The system's Software Communications Architecture (SCA) was recently and certified by the Joint Tactical Radio System Test and Evaluation Laboratory (JPEO JTEL) to be compatible with the SCA standard governing all future JTRS radio's waveforms. This certification ensures compatibility with future JTRS radios which will augment, and later replace all current military combat net radios.



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