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Past items:

Spatial Integrated Systems Inc. (SIS) will develop a Multi-Purpose Sensor System (MPSS) for the Autonomous Maritime Navigation (AMN) Program designed for future naval surface autonomous vehicles (USVs). Last week the company reported the receipt of a four-year, U.S. $24 million contract from the U.S. Navy Naval Surface Warfare Center, to finance the development. The system will integrate electro-optical, electro-magnetic, and acoustic sensors processed on a geographic 3D 'world' to represent the vehicle's situation awareness and control.

As the prime contractor SIS will integrate and outfit an unmanned platform with sensor fusion, advanced decision-making, data interpretation, and object recognition solutions to allow the autonomous operation in a specified area. The company will utilize proven technologies for the developing, capturing and processing data obtained from multiple sensors such as a camera array, radar, sonar, GPS, compass and digital charts. Furthermore, the use of 3D world representation will allow the USV to make onboard routine operational decisions, capture, process, and record information that is outside the spectral bounds of the human sensory system.

SIS's teammates for this program include Technology Solutions, Inc., West Virginia Institute of Technology, Marshall University and Technology, Research, Development and Education Institution.




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