'Gripen N' for Norway?

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Relevant items:

Gripen International has received an invitation from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence to discuss a model for cooperation related to a possible replacement of the Norwegian F-16 fighter aircraft. The discussions will start early in 2007.

While Norway is a member of the international F-35 fighter program, the country has yet to choose a future successor for its aging F-16A/B (MLU) fighters. In addition to the F-35, Norway is considering the Typhoon (Eurofighter) and has now announced that an enhanced version of the Gripen, known as "Gripen N" is also an option. Saab International proposed the Gripen N in response to Norway's Request for Information (RFI) published earlier in 2006. The offer, backed by the Swedish Government, also includes Industrial co-operation and development on several levels.




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