Saab Scores Two Export Orders Worth Over US$156 Million

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Saab announced today the reception of two export orders for Arthur artillery locating radar and BILL 2 anti-tank missile system. “ARTHUR has become a great export success for us and this order shows how competitive the system is”, says Göran Gregerström, Vice President at Saab Microwave Systems". Earlier this year Saab reported another order for the radar, received from the Spanish Ministry of defense. ARTHUR Weapon Locating Radar system is developed to locate hostile artillery. Within a few seconds after detection of rounds from mortars, guns and rockets the systems informs of both launch positions and point of impact. (More...)

Bill-2 cutaway showing the downward pointed warhaed. Photo: Saab Boofors Dynamics. The BILL 2 anti-tank missile system is designed to destroy stationary and moving targets at ranges up to 2,200 m' using top-attack by a downward aimed shaped charge triggered by the target's magnetic and thermal signature. The wire guided semi-automatic command to line-of-sight (SACLOS) guided missile is claimed to be immune to jamming.

Bill-2 missiles are already in use with teh Swedish defense Forces. Photo: Saab Bofors Dynamics.“This is the first export order of the BILL 2 missile, it confirms our world leading position in the area of man portable antitank weapons" Anders Florenius, Communication Director for Saab Bofors Dynamics told Defense Update. Saab's top-attack anti-tank missile has been fielded sofar only with the Swedish Army. Its predecessor,
BILL 1 is used by the Swedish, Austrian and Brazilian land forces. Both orders represent a total value of one billion Swedish krona (SEK - about US$156 million).

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