British Medium Protected Patrol Vehicle Shifts into High Gear

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December 12, 2007: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced today that the Ministry Of Defence plans to order 150 'Ridgeback' protected patrol vehicles to support the British forces in Afghanistan. Few months ago MOD announced plans to procure up-to 180 Medium Protected Patrol Vehicles (MPPV) to fill a gap between the heavyweight Mastiff patrol vehicles and the vector – a much lighter, armored vehicle based on the Pinzgauer truck. Ridgeback is expected to assume this role. (More...)

The specific type of the vehicle hasn't been determined yet. MOD is currently negotiating the procurement with several potential suppliers, after assessing a number of solutions, including off-the-shelf products. Overall, MOD plans to invest about £150M over three years, to improve the protection of forces in Afghanistan.

MOD also plans to increase the number of Sea King helicopters operated there. The increase could be supported by the leasing commercial helicopters for operations in the UK, to free up more military helicopters to support deployed forces overseas. The helicopters are expected to deploy in the spring.

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