Xenonics develops High Intensity Airborne Illumination for UAVs

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December 13, 2007: XENONICS Holdings, Inc. (AMEX:XNN) is developing a high-intensity illumination system customized for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The system is designed for integration into a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) being developed by Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc. (ACR), for the U.S. Government. (More...)

In this project Xenonics is applying its patented multi-spectral technology already implemented in the NightHunter family of ultra-high-intensity illumination products used on land vehicles and sea borne craft. "This R&D contract gives us the opportunity to integrate our technology for another new growth application," said Chuck Hunter, CEO of Xenonics. He said that initial development of the integrated system is expected to be completed by summer 2008. Xenonics' NightHunter illumination products are used by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as by law enforcement and security agencies. Earlier in 2007 the company introduced a high-definition night vision device called Supervision, designed for commercial and military applications.

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