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RAF Chinook Fleet to Reach 70 Helicopters

Chinook The UK announced today plans to increase heavy airlift in support of operations in Afghanistan. As part of this plan Boeing will deliver the RAF with 22 new Chinook helicopters between 2012 and 2013. The UK Ministry has  announced its plans to increase heavy airlift, supporting British Army operations in Afghanistan. (read more...)

USAFE C-130J Deployed to Israel on Training Missions
Singapore Airshow 2010 Upcoming Preview
First Flight for Airbus A400M
EA-18G Cleared for Full Rate Production
New EC225 SAR Helicopter for the French Navy
Boeing Performs First Flight Test of Apache Block III
First Sale of Erieye 340 AEW in the Middle East
UAE Acquired 25 PC-21 Turbo Trainers
Navy to Improve Osprey Durability in Desert Conditions
France to upgrade Naval Rafales to F3 standard
Chinooks for the UAE?
Boeing delivers Wedgetail to Australian Air Force
First UH-60M Delivered to Bahrain
MC-12 Reaches 1,000th Combat Mission 
Merlins Cleared for Operations in Afghanistan
India grounds Su-30 Fighters
Russian Tu-142 Recce Bomber Crash at Sea
Ospreys Join the Fight Supporting Marines in Afghanistan
Brazil, Ukraine Plan Using Scrapped ICBMs to Launch Satellites

November Aerospace News

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Despite Massive Acquisition, More Armored Vehicles Are Needed to Protect Brits in Afghanistan

MATV Afghanistan is taking a heavy toll on the military resources of U.S. and NATO allies sharing the ISAF missions in that country. According to a recent report published by the Times of England, despite the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MOD) investment of over two billion US$ acquiring hundreds of protected vehicles in the past two years, about half of the armored vehicles used by the British Army in Afghanistan are 'unfit for operational use'. The report refers to all the armored vehicles used by the Brits, from the lightly protected British built Land Rover based Snatch patrol vehicles to the massive U.S. built, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) – the Mastiff and Ridgeback, based on the U.S. built Cougar. (read more...)

France Acquires Vikings to Equip its Rapid Intervention Forces
TMV 6x6M Designed for Extreme Off-Road Mobility
Iveco Wins €2.5 billion Brazilian Armored Vehicle Contract
Weaponized RipSaw-MS2 UGV
Oshkosh Delivers the 1,000th M-ATV
Teams Prepare JLTVs for 2010 Testing
New Armored Vehicles for Spain
FRES-SV, Warrior Upgrades Become a 'Winner Takes All' Match
Army Awards GDLS $42 Million for a Modernized Stryker
LEMIR Offers Additional Protection Against IEDs
Post-Production Support Contract for Leclerc Tank
Italy Selects Hitrole Turrets for Lince
Saudi Arabia Orders GDLS 724 LAV II
Proposals are in for FRES -SV
Aerotech MDT Unveils the Tiger Mine and Blast protected light vehicle

November Land Systems News

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Iran Tests an Upgraded Sejjil-2 Ballistic Missile

Sejjil December 16, 2009: Iran has successfully tested today an 'optimized' version of the solid-fuel Sejjil-2 ballistic missile. The recent test builds on the first successful launch conducted in May 2009. Iran has tested several combinations of propellant compounds to achieve reliable operation. Iranian sources indicate that the current missile has been configured to carry different warheads and uses stealth attributes ('anti-radar material coating'). (read more...

Rafael Unveils 'Non Line of Sight' Spike Missile Operating at 25 km Range
BAE Systems APKWS Rocket Enters Final Testing Phase
Tomahawk Test Demonstrates Time-Critical Use

Second Russian Mobile ICBM Regiment to Become Operational
JASSM-ER Completes Six Successful Test Flights
Israel, U.S. European Command Embark on Juniper Cobra Joint Air-Defense Exercise

November Missile And Weapons News

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Helios 2 - the French Reconnaissance Satellite

Helios Helios 2B is scheduled to replace the Helios 2A launched in 2004. These 'second generation' Helios satellites weigh 4.2 tons. It will orbit the earth at a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 700 km and is designed for useful mission life of five years. (Read More...)

French Reconnaissance Satellite Mission Delayed
Prophet Enhanced – a New Tactical SIGINT for the U.S. Army
"Netted Iridium" - new Tactical Radio Handsets
Sagem Acquires Optics Specialist Optics 1
Next-Generation FBCB2 on the Test Bench
F-35 Electro-Optical Targeting System in Production
U.S. Army Continues Support for Flexible Displays
B-1B to Get an Upgraded Targeting Software
Laser JDAM Integrated with German Tornados
RATS Carries Intelligence to the Warfighter

November Defense Electronics And Electro Optics News

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Second Littoral Combat Ship Delivered to the U.S. Navy

T-Craft The U.S. Navy officially accepted delivery of the future USS Independence (LCS 2) Dec. 18, 2009 at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. The ship will be commissioned on January 16 and is expected to be ready for 'Sail Away' status by February 2010. (Read More...)


Textron, L-3 Com Team for LCAC Successor Program

November Naval Systems News

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First Flight of the Elbit Systems Hermes 900 UAV

F/A-18G The Hermes 900 unmanned aircraft made the first flight from an airfield in the western Negev desert on December 9, 2009. The developer, Elbit Systems plans to conduct more test flights soon, commencing with serial production of the UAV. Current users of Hermes 450 type, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have expressed interest in the new capability. Unlike other Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV systems, such as the MQ-1 Predator, MQ-9 Reaper and Heron I, the Hermes 900 can be operated as part of existing, tactical UAV units currently operating the smaller Hermes 450 and Hermes 90. (read more...)

X-47B Remains on Schedule for Sea Trials despite First Flight Delay

November Unmanned Systems News

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Technological Aspects of Homeland Security: Fighting IEDs

IEDCellphones and other wireless communications devices are providing terrorists an effective means of control. By separating the device preparation and placement from the actual activation, IEDs can be planted in different locations and be activated by remote command, in response to the target's behavior – such as speed of movement, specific target vulnerability, local situation (vis-à-vis nearby civilians) or when a specific VIP is being targeted in a convoy. (See the video, Read the article...)

November Homeland Security News

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