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The new highly protected Tiger Light Protected Vehicle, unveiled by MDT at the Milipol 2009 exhibition in France. Photo: Defense Update

Teams Prepare JLTVs for 2010 Testing

By the end of 2009 the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Program Office expects the three contractors to provide technology development and demonstration vehicles and associated equipment for performance and reliability testing by U.S. army, Marines and Special Operations Command users. According to Kevin Fahey, Army program executive officer, the current evaluation phase is designed to assess the maturity and integrability of the different technologies submitted by the three industry teams selected for the demonstration. Following the 27 month program a production decision is expected by the end of 2014, with full-rate fielding to begin in 2016. (full story...)

FRES-SV, Warrior Upgrades Become a 'Winner Takes All' Match

Two major armored vehicle acquisition programs running in parallel in the UK are nearing critical milestones in the upcoming months. With the Scout Vehicle (SV) become the top priority FRES vehicle, and the imminent selection of prime contractor for the Warrior Upgrade program, it is likely that both programs will select one winner, offering the Army with training and logistical advantages. (read more...)

Army Awards GDLS $42 Million for a Modernized Stryker

General Dynamics Land Systems will design a modernization of the Stryker infantry armored vehicle under a $203 million modernization contract awarded by the U.S. Army has awarded TACOM Lifecycle Management Command. to design the Stryker of the future. The current increment phase of $42.6 million was awarded November 25, 2009. The award continues the Stryker modernization program, initiated last year. (read the full story...)

Post-Production Support Contract for Leclerc Tank

The French MOD is outsourcing the support and through life modernization of 254 Leclerc main battle tanks to Nexter. The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has awarded the company a contract that could be worth more than €90 million, covering operations in the next a three years. Follow-on options beginning 2013 could bring the total program cost to more than €900. (read more...)

Saudi Arabia Orders GDLS 724 LAV II

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has been awarded a $2.2 billion U.S. foreign military sale contract for the supply of 724 Light Armored Vehicles (LAV II) for an unnamed customer, thought to be the Royal Saudi-Arabian National Guard. The company will begin delivering the vehicles in April 2011. Ten variants of the vehicles will be produced based on a common chassis derived from the 8x8 LAV II model, also used by the Canadian forces. It is powered by a 300 horsepower and is enhanced to support gross vehicle weight of up to 14,5 tons (32,000 lbs). The new order could improve GDLS' competitive position regarding the planned procurement of a new armored vehicle for the Canadian Army.

Iveco Sets to Produce 2044 VBTP-MR Armored Vehicles in Brazil

The Brazilian Army has signed a contract worth about €2.5 billion with IVECO Defence Vehicles for the supply of armored personnel carriers of the VBTP-MR model. The vehicles will replace the old models Urutu used today by the Brazilian armed forces. (read more...)

France Acquires Vikings to Equip its
Rapid Intervention Forces

The French government has selected the latest version of the BAE Systems BvS10 MkII Viking all-terrain tracked vehicle to equip its rapid intervention combined-arms battle group. The BvS10 MkII is produced by the company's Swedish based Hägglunds AB subsidiary. France is already operating a lighter version of the Small Unit Support Vehicle BvS 206S optimized for in mountainous areas, over snow, bog land and over wet terrain. (read more...)

New Armored Vehicles for Spain

Spain considers a new armored vehicle procurement, eying a wheeled 8x8 armored vehicle to replace the 6x6 BMR currently in service, and enhance safety and mobility of Spanish troops. At present the Spanish forces are operating the Italian LMV from Iveco and South African BAE Systems RG-31. Spain has further requirements for 4x4 armored vehicles, to support squad and platoons, while a new 8x8 armored vehicle is considered to replace 6x6 vehicles currently in service with armored infantry units. (read more...)

Aerotech MDT Unveils the Tiger Mine and Blast protected light vehicle

Arotech Corporation has unveiled a new version of the Tiger armored vehicle at the Milipol 2009 Homeland Security exhibition in Paris. The Light [Mine and Blast] Protected [Armored] Vehicle (LPV), first unveiled at the AUSA 2009 exhibition in Washington in October. The company considers the vehicle suitable for law enforcement and paramilitary use and view the European market as an important target market for the vehicle. Furthermore, the Tiger is targeted to provide a competitive alternative to much heavier and expensive MRAP and MATV vehicles, providing uncompromized protection at significantly lower life cycle cost. Such vehicles could become attractive to NATO members contributing to expeditionary operations, for example, supporting ISAF in Afghanistan. (read the full article...)

LEMIR Offers Additional Protection Against IEDs

The French Command and Support Battalion (BCS) operating in Afghanistan has introduced a new LEMIR counter-IED system designed to pre-detonate improvised explosive devices and mines that are not effected by radio-electronic jammers. The system, designated 'LEMIR' is operated by escort vehicles. (rea d more about LEMIR...)

Italy Selects Hitrole Turrets for Lince

The Italian Ministry of Defense has awarded Oto Melara a €20 million contract to supply 81 Hitrole turrets to equip Lince vehicles currently employed by Italian forces in Afghanistan. Oto Melara was one of the bidders competing in an international tender published by the Italian MOD. The first turret will be delivered for operational testing four months from the contract award, with the majority of systems delivered in the second half of 2010.

Oshkosh Delivers the 1,000th M-ATV

Oshkosh Corporation marked the handoff of the 1,000th MRAP All Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) to the U.S. Armed Forces on Nov. 30, 2009 at a ceremony with military leadership at the company’s facilities in Oshkosh, Wis. Ramping up production to 1,000 vehicles this month (December) Oshkosh expects to continue production at this level through April 2010. Sofar the company has exceeded the government’s delivery schedule for five consecutive months, utilizing the company's manufacturing facilities that support the production of M-ATV and the U.S. Army’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). (read more...)