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Oshkosh HETAMore Military Truck Orders for Oshkosh

MRAPMore MRAP to SupportU.S. Forces in Afghanistan

U.S. Army to Field XM-25 ‘Game Changing’ Weapon by 2014

Land Systems report

Defense Update Land Systems Channel - December 2010

Photo Above: The U.S. Marine Corps, the program office responsible for MRAP acquisitions for all services, has ordered 175 International MaxxPro Dash vehicles equipped with DXM independent suspensions. Photo: Navistar (read more...)

MRAPMore MRAP to SupportU.S. Forces in Afghanistan

Navistar, Oshkosh and General Dynamics Canada have recently received new orders worth almost one billion dollar, for the delivery of additional MRAP variants, in support of U.S. forces operations in Afghanistan. (Read More...)

oshkosh hetaMore Military Truck Orders for Oshkosh

In November 2010 Oshkosh Defense (NYSE:OSK) received another contract worth $780 million for the production of 4,773 family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV). In December the company was awarded a separate contract worth $513 million to supply 2,050 FMTV medium trucks (plus 1,650 trailers) to the U.S. Army National Guard through 2013. (Read More...)


XM-25U.S. Army to Field XM-25 ‘Game Changing’ Weapon by 2014

The U.S. Army is moving forward with an operational evaluation in Afghanistan, of the new, XM-25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) weapon system. Following this current evaluation, the Army will decide on the future procurement of 12,500 CDTE systems to be issued beginning in early 2014. (Read More...)

StrykerJavelin Missiles Fired from Stryker's CROWS II Weapon Station

Integration of the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile with the U.S. Army Kongsberg Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS II) is underway. The first firing test was conducted recently by Javelin Joint Venture - the missile manufacturer with three Javelin missiles fired from the CROWS II station, mounted on a Stryker Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) in a near-tactical configuration. (Read More...)

France’s Mars Industry Consortium Selected for Scorpion Architecture Design

The French Ministry of Defense announced the selection of an industry group comprising Thales, Sagem and Nexter, to lead the architecture development of the French land forces modernization program known as ‘Scorpion‘. The announcement, originally expected in June this year, was delayed after the French government committed to deep budget cuts. (Read More...)

British-Israeli JV to Produce Carbon Nanotubes for Defense Applications

A new company established today in Israel will produce carbon nanotube fibre for the enhancement of body armor and composite armour systems for vehicles. The new material is stronger than Kevlar and other ballistic fabrics, but still flexible and lightweight. TorTech Nano Fibers Ltd. The company is a joint venture company owned by Israel’s world leading armor and survivability company Plasan and University of Cambridge spin-out company Q-Flo. (Read More...)

DARPA to Test new Lightweight Armor Solutions from Kairos

Kairos Partners, Inc announced today it was selected by DARPA to participate in the “Armor Challenge for Vehicles” with its new lightweight vehicle armor. The solution proposed by Kairos uses cutting edge technologies which combine metal matrix composites (MMCs) and three-dimensionally woven fiber composites into a uniquely effective passive armor solution that can be produced in any shape or thickness. (Read More...)