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IDF Fields Tavor Assault Rifles

Proxy Aviation SkyRaider OPV/UAV

Artist impression of a ScanEagle equipped with NanoSAR

JHMCS - International Delivery

News Flash

Defense Update - September 4th, 2006

Upcoming events September:

MSPO Defense Exhibition - Kielce, Poland
Global Terrorism Conference - Herzlia, Israel
Airborne EW & SEAD conference - London, UK
Ground Vehicles conference, Prague, Czech Republic
Military Logistics conference, Vienna, VA. USA
Net Centric Warfare conference, Asia (Singapore)
DGI Operations conference, London UK
Night Strike, Goos Bay, Canada
Modern Day Marine Exhibition - Quantico, VA, USA
Offshore Patrol Vehicle conference, London, UK

Sensor to Shooter conference, Silver Spring, MD. USA

Africa Aerospace & Defense Exhibition - South Africa

Upcoming events October:

Defendory International 2006, Athens, Greece
Defense Logistics conference, Thatcham UK
AUSA Annual Meeting 2006, Washington DC, USA
Defense Asia 2006 exhibition, Republic of Korea
C4ISR Interoperability Europe conf. Brussels, Belgium
Military & Aerospace repair and Maintenance, (DC, USA)
EuroNaval 2006 exhibition, Paris, France
Asymmetric Warfare & Mine Countermeasures (DC, USA)
Airshow China 2006 exhibition, Zuhai, China
Annual Border Management conf., Washington DC, USA
UV North America, Washington DC, USA
Urban Operations conference, London UK
Night Vision conference, London UK

click here for the full 2006 and 2007 exhibitions and conference guide

India, Russia Agree to Accelerate Delivery of SU-30MKI

Russia will accelerate deliveries of Su-30MKI fighters to India, completing the delivery of 140 aircraft in 2014, instead of 2017. India waived its demand for "indigenization" of the aircraft due to the high cost of local production. HAL is now moving to associate closer with western aerospace industries, highlighting work share in LCA, MRCA and future helicopter business.

Operational Feedback Accelerates Bushmaster's Upgrades

Following troops' complaints of about the lack of on-board facilities and limited protection, the Australian Government approved rapid acquisition of a protected, remotely operated weapon station to be installed on teh vehicles, in addition to ongoing armor modification work undertaken by Defense Material Organization and Defense Science & Technology Organization.

Canada Completes CF-18 Phase I Modernization

Boeing International completed Phase I modernization of 80 Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornets, enabling Canadian Hornets to become fully interoperable with coalition orces. The program included the installation of an improved radar, supporting AMRAAM missile capability, HAVE-QUICK jam-resistant radios, a combined interrogator-transponder (IFF), stores management systems, mission computers, and embedded global positioning and inertial navigation systems (GPS/INS). Follow-on Phase II upgrades began prototype modification in January 2006.


France to deploy to Lebanon with Heavy Armor & Artillery

France is preparing a first armored unit, the 6th-12th Cuirassiers Regiment to deploy to Lebanon with 13 Leclerc tanks, heavy artillery unit and two mechanized infantry companies, a total of 900 soldiers.

Indonesia Seek 32 VAB Armored Vehicles for UN Contingency

The Indonesian military is planning to purchase 32 armored vehicles from Renault, to support the planned peace-keeping operation in Lebanon. About a 1000 military personnel and their supporting equipment have been prepared for the dispatch to Lebanon while waiting for official decision from the United Nations on the time of departure, concept of operation, and the rule of engagement.

U.S. Army Receives First Mobile Gun Stryker MGS

The U.S. Army has received the first of its Mobile Gun System (MGS) vehicles to equip the Stryker brigades. The 21 ton MGS is otherwise similar to other Stryker vehicles. There will be three MGS assigned to each infantry company.

Russian Air Force to Receive First SU-34 Strike Aircraft

The Russian Air Force is expected to receive the first two SU-34 Fullback strike fighters this year. Designed as a medium and long range strike aircraft, SU-34 is expected to augment and later replace SU-24 and SU-25 strike aircraft in Russian service. The aircraft is designed to penetrate enemy airspace at supersonic speed, and treetop level, carry 8 tons of ordnance, strike from a standoff range of 250km. It is equipped with an armored cockpit to survive small caliber gunfire and missile fragments.

US Navy Retires Last F-14D Tomcat
The US Navy will retire its last flying F-14D Tomcat in September. The aircraft from Navy's Fighter Squadron 31 based at Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, will be flown for its final destination at the Virginia Aviation Museum. The Navy has retired the veteran jet from its aircraft inventory in favor of the newer F/A-18 Super Hornet.







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