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IDF Fields Tavor Assault Rifles

Proxy Aviation SkyRaider OPV/UAV

Artist impression of a ScanEagle equipped with NanoSAR

JHMCS - International Delivery

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Defense Update - August 31, 2006

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Global UAV Market to Top US$54 Billion Within a decade

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry. A forthcoming Teal Group market study, previewed today, estimates that UAV spending will more than triple over the next decade from current worldwide UAV expenditures of $2.7 billion annually to $8.3 billion within a decade, totaling close to $55 billion in the next ten years.

US Army Increases FCS Countermine Funding to US$94 Million

The US Army awarded BAE Systems additional US$34 million for the development of a future counter-mine system for the US Army Future Combat Systems. With the additional funding the total budget for the system has been increased to US$94 million. The system will incorporate a robotic Multipurpose Utility/Logistic Equipment (MULE) countermine vehicle to detect, mark, report and neutralize land mines. BAE Systems is performing the work along with key subcontractors NIITEK, DE Technologies, and KDI Precision Products

Smart Controls for Infantry Support  Robot

A new Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) was introduced today by Lockheed Martin, promising to simplify the operation and control of robotic platforms supporting the squad level, by providing vehicles with a greater perception of their surroundings on the battlefield and improving their mobility over difficult terrain. SMSS' supervised autonomy will support squad-size vehicle which will improve combat readiness, while assuring re-supply channels and casualty evacuations.


BAE Systems to Develop "Gun-Coast" Real-Time Intelligence

A BAE Systems led team is developing a web-based surveillance and targeting system for the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's (NGA) under a US$47 million contract. Global Net-Centric Surveillance and Targeting (GNCST) system, dubbed "Gun Coast", uses real-time intelligence to rapidly identify battlefield targets and other possible threats to accelerate the decision-making process performed by human intelligence analysts. Through the use of complex algorithms, GNCST can dramatically reduce the workload and time needed to put vital pieces of information together.

IDF Fields Tavor Assault Rifles

The first Israeli army brigade to field the new Tavor (TAR-21) assault rifles is the Givati infantry brigade. The unit recently received the weapons. By March 2007 three brigades are scheduled to receive the new rifles, completing the fielding of the first batch of 15,000 rifles procured from IWI.

U.S. Army To Test Airborne Command of Joint UAV / Strike Teams

Lockheed Martin has completed flight demonstrations of a new Mobile Commanderís Associate (MCA) system that will enable U.S. Army command and control helicopters to form and manage teams of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and manned strike aircraft.

InSitu Unveil Enhanced Version for the Scan Eagle

The new version of the Scan Eagle will incorporate a redesigned camera turret, offering improved stabilization, enhanced infrared camera, and Mode C transponder.







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