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The US Navy Launched USS Freedom, the Navy's new Littoral Combat Ship on Sept. 23rd.

Firetrace Aerospace will provide FIRE plates to Protect Fuel tanks on U.S. Armored Trucks

The RAF will use BAE System's Herti UAV to study the role of autonomous systems in military operations.

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Defense Update - September 25th, 2006

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Upcoming events September:

25-27 / Sensor to Shooter conference, Silver Spring, MD. USA

28-29 / Offshore Patrol Vehicle conference, London, UK

Upcoming events October:

3 / Defense Logistics C4I conference, Thatcham UK
3-7 / Defendory International 2006, Athens, Greece
9-11 / AUSA Annual Meeting 2006, Washington DC, USA
9-11 / C4ISR Interoperability Europe conf. Brussels, Belgium
16-18 / Military & Aerospace repair and Maintenance (USA)
18-19 / Asymmetric Warfare & Mine CM (DC, USA)
18-22 / Defense Asia 2006 exhibition, Republic of Korea
23-25 / Annual Border Management conf., Washington DC, USA
23-27 / EuroNaval 2006 exhibition, Paris, France
30-31 / UV North America, Washington DC, USA
30-31 / Urban Operations conference, London UK
31 / Night Vision conference, London UK
31/10 - 5/11 Airshow China 2006 exhibition, Zuhai, China

click here for the full 2006 and 2007 exhibitions and conference guide

M1A2 SEP Hits a Moving T72 from 8km

In the first beyond line of sight mission test held at the U.S. Army's Yuma, Ariz., Proving Grounds on Sept. 25, 2006, the laser guided MRM-CE projectile fired from an Abrams M1A2 SEP (system enhancement program) tank scored an extended-range, guided direct hit at a moving T-72 tank at a range of 5.4 miles (8.7 km). The test demonstrated the laser-guided seeker's ability to successfully target, acquire and track a moving tank and guide the munition to intercept at the required range.

US Navy Launches Freedom LCS

USS Freedom was christened today (Sept. 23, 2006) as the first Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). Built by Lockheed Martin at the Marinette Marine shipyard, USS Freedom is the first of two LCS sea-frames produced for the US Navy. FREEDOM will continue to undergo outfitting and testing at Marinette Marine. Upon the ship’s commissioning in 2007, Freedom will be home-ported at Naval Station San Diego, California.

RAF to Use Autonomous UAVs in Exercises

BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force’s Air Warfare Centre Unmanned Air Vehicle Battlelab (AUB) will assess the role of autonomous UAVs in military operations, as part of a two-year evaluation program. Under ‘Project Morrigan’ BAE System's HERTI Autonomous Unmanned Air Vehicle System will be introduced progressively to more complex military exercises, to better understand the contribution autonomous UAV systems can make in the joint battlespace.

First Abrams Tanks Arrive in Australia

Australia received the first shipment of 18 M1A1 AIM tanks, and five Hercules Armored Recovery Vehicles (ARV), part of a total order of 59 ordered under a recent A$500 million contract. The remaining tanks are expected to arrive in March 2007. The new tanks are a key component of the Hardened and Networked Army initiative announced by the Australian Defence last year. Concurrent to the arrival of the tanks at their Darwin home base, Australia developed their mobilization options, including the newly acquired C-17 heavy airlift aircraft, Amphibious Ships and overland transportation with the Adelaide to Darwin rail network and a fleet of tank transporter trucks. The order included 59 M1A1 tanks, seven M88A2 Hercules Armored Recovery Vehicles, 14 Heavy Tank Transporters, eight Refueling Trucks, six Advanced Gunnery Training Simulators and one Tank Driver Trainer Simulator.

Indian Jaguars to Upgrade Naval Missiles

India is expected to request proposals for a new anti-ship missile, to replace the Sea-Eagle planned to be phased out from Indian Air Force (IAF) inventory. India is considering the AM-39 Exocet, from MBDA, AGM-84 Harpoon from Boeing or the Russian Zveda Kh-35 (AS-20 Kayak). Sea-Eagles are currently in service with Indian Navy's Sea Harriers and Tu-142 strategic recce aircraft (Bear). The IAF is seeking to improve its anti-ship capability for the Jaguar strike fighter.

Protecting the Fuel on Armored Trucks

As vehicle crew compartments become more protected, attacks are directed to other vulnerable parts of the vehicle, including the fuel tank. In an effort to defeat such threats the US Army Tank automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) is installing FIRE Panels kits on its Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) vehicles. Firetrace Aerospace will supply 164 of these patented panels under a US$3.8 million contract. Similar devices are being evaluated by the USMC for its MTVRs. The same technology is also available to protect jerry cans in the field.




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