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Naval Rafales Launch First Combat Mission over Libya

Naval System Report

Defense Update Naval Systems Channel - June 2011

Photo above: The AWD Project is an important element of Force 2030. The AWD is based on Navantia’s F-100 design, similar to the AEGIS equipped vessels operated by the Spanish Navy. Photo: Australian MoD (Read More...)

yuri dolgoruky submarineSS-NX-30 Bulava Tests to Resume This Week

Russia is set to resume this week the flight testing of its (RSM-56) Bulava Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) system (NATO code name SS-NX-30). According to a Russian Defense Ministry source quoted by Novosti, the next launch is scheduled for June 28, two weeks after the original ‘window’ announced for the flight. The upcoming test was approved by the State Commission for Flight Testing on Saturday June 25. (Read More...)

Spain AWDElectrically Powered Catapult Launches First T-45C, C-2A Aircraft

The Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) successfully completed the first launch of a T-45C Goshawk from the NAVAIR Lakehurst, N.J. test site on June 1, As part of these ongoing compatibility testing, twelve successful launches were made June 1 and 2. Few days later, on June 8, the system performed the first launch of a C-2A Greyhound as part of the system’s ground testing. The Greyhound was launched 18 times over a wide range of aircraft weights June 8 and 9 as part of ongoing aircraft compatibility testing. (Read More...)

saab MPA 2000Saab 2000 Maritime patrol Aircraft Offered to India

After failing the MMRCA competition, Saab is now aiming at another Indian program Medium range Maritime recce (MRMR). The company is offering the Saab 2000 platform, equipped with a new phased array maritime search radar and RBS-15 missiles. (Read More...)

Spain AWDSpain Gets its Share of Australian AWD

Facing growing delays in the parallel construction of three Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) and two Landing Helicopter Dock Ships (LHD), the Australian Ministry of defense and program manager AWD Alliance decided to redistribute the construction work among three Australian shipyards currently involved in the program, and transfer part of the work to the Navantia shipyard in Spain. This move will relieve the pressure from the BAE Systems Shipyard in Melbourne. The new plan will enable the consortium to minimize delay of the completion of the first ship by up to 12 months, and of all three AWDs by up to 12 months. (Read More...)

Dolphin SubmarineIsrael to Receive a Third Enhanced Dolphin Submarine

The Israeli government has decided to finalize the acquisition of a sixth Improved Dolphin class submarine from Germany, with payment to be spread over several years. The Dolphins are manufactured by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW), which is owned by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Israel currently operates three Dolphin Class subs, two were financed by Germany and the cost of a third sub was shared by Israel These three submarines were delivered in 1998 – 2000.  (Read More...)

adrastaDCNS Highlights Scorpene, Andrasta SSN Submarines, Decoy technologs at LAAD 2011

DCNS is a major supplier of surface vessels and submarines in the Latin America region and, specifically Brazil. Since 2008, the Brazilian Navy and DCNS embarked on a large scale program to design and construct of four Scorpene type conventional-propulsion submarines, under a technology transfer agreement in which the French designer will provide the technical assistance for the design and construction of the submarine, as well as the non-nuclear part of the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine. DCNS also provides support services for the construction of a new naval base and a shipyard to support these vessels. (Read More...)