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Israel Changes Rules in Gaza, Targets Terror Activist Affiliated with al Qaeda
Suicide Bombers as Weapons
Head of Israel’s ‘Shin Bet’ Outlines Israel’s Joint Counter-Terror Strategy
P-8A Poseidon: A New Model For Military Procurement
Stuxnet Under the Microscope – Israeli Cyber Warfare Expert Analyzes the Malicious Code
Analysis: Israel's Traditional Nuclear Ambiguity Coming Under Stress
Transition Marks Continuing Work for U.S. Advise and Assist Brigades in Iraq
Will Fueling Bushehr Also Push the Shi'ite Nuke Bomb?

Last U.S. Combat Brigade Pulls Out of Iraq
Abdulrahman Awad, Leader of the Lebanese Fatah-al-Islam Terror Group Killed
Should Israel Be Scared of Iran's Future Nukes?
A "Dirty Bomb" Is Currently al Qaeda's Favorite Weapon

Russia to Triple Defense Procurement Spending by 2013
ManTech Completes the Acquisition of QinetiQ Subsidiary Security and Intelligence Solutions
German Rheinmetall Waffen Munition Strengthen Manufacturing Foothold in South Africa
Russia, Israel Embark on an Unprecedented Defense Cooperation Agreement
Elbit Systems Acquires Three of Mikal Subsidiaries in a Package Deal
Despite Slumping Revenues, Elbit System's Order Backlog Continues to Grow
IAI's Financial Report Shows Continued Growth
U.S., UK, France and Italy Continue to Lead the World's Defense Market
BAE Systems plc Pleads Guilty, Pay $400 Mil. Criminal Fine
Israel's defense exports Soar to $6.75 Billion in 2009
Latest Business Highlights from Defexpo 2010
Business report - January 2010

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Australia’s Super Hornet Tests JSOW Guided Weapons

Transformer Program Super Hornet aircraft from No. 1 Squadron conducted their first live weapon trials at the Woomera Test Range, north of Adelaide. The JSOW test is part of Australia’s new Super Hornets testing their deployment capabilities. (read more...)

U.S. Army to Demonstrate Full Manned-Unmanned Operations Next Year
Saudi Arabia to Order 180 New Helicopters for a New National Guard Aviation Regiment
Better F-15SA Eagles for the Royal Saudi Air Force
DARPA Selects AAI, Lockheed Martin for Transformer (TX) Program
Rafael Delivers the 1,000th Litening Targeting pod
Israel Air Force Helicopters Conclude a CSAR Exercise in Greece
Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Share USAF $2.3 Billion Advanced Targeting Pods Buy
USAF Caps B-52 Spending at $12 Billion for Support and Modernization Over the Next Eight Years
Eurocopter Tests the X-Cube a New High-speed Hybrid Helicopter
Ausi Super-Hornets to be Wired for Electronic Attack
New Opportunities Mature for Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Advanced Trainer
Riyadh to Invest up to $60 Billion Modernizing Airpower with U.S. Systems
AgustaWestland to Offer HH-71 for USAF Combat Search and Rescue HH-60G Pave Hawk Replacement Program
Russia, India set JV for the Multirole Transport Aircraft
Despite recent ABL Failure, MDA Pursue With Long Range Missile Intercept in October '10
WWII Flypasts Mark the 70th Anniversary for the Battle of Britain
Moscow to Spend $300 Million on Eight Aerial Firefighters
Sweden Funds METEOR missile Integration with the Gripen Fighter
BAE Systems to Offer the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer for the USAF Jet Trainer Replacement Program (T-X)
IAI’s B767 Based Multi Mission Tanker Transport Demonstrates Aerial refueling
Israel Approves Initial Buy of 20 F-35A Stealth Fighters
Farnborough Review - Are Fighters Going Forward?

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Industry Preparing for the HMMWV recap

HMMVW Among the heavier tactical vehicles on display were new versions of the BAE Systems’ Caiman Multi-Terrain Vehicle (MTV), configured to support Command and Control On-the-Move (C2OTM) assignments and ambulatory operations. Oshkosh displayed the latest reconnaissance version of the MRAP All Terrain Vehicle (MATV) . This vehicle carries crew of six plus gunner. The recce variant is equipped with mission specific technologies designed for missions such as route, zone and area reconnaissance. (Read More...)

KMW to Deliver 20 Dingo-2 Vehicles to Equip Norwegian Forces in Afghanistan
GDLS Selected to develop Namer Armored Personal Carriers for Israel
Stryker Turns Stealthy with Armorworks’ TactiCam 3D camouflage
BAE Systems offer Bradley Variants for M113 Replacement
IDF Demonstrates Joint Ground/Air Capabilities in Live Fire Exercise
New Casualty Evacuation System Introduced by Easy Rescue
Converting Pistols into Carbines
ISDEF 2010 – First Impressions
Silver Shadow’s AK-47 Kalashnikov Makeover
Gilboa – Debut of a new Israeli Assault Rifle
New Super-Strong Fiber Designed to Meet Threats in Former-Soviet Markets
DARPA Selects AAI, Lockheed Martin for Transformer (TX) Program
IMI’s Iron Fist APS Completes a Successful Evaluation in the U.S.A.
Elbit Systems to Upgrade Asian Tanks with BMS, Optronics
Canada to Deploy 20 Recently Upgraded Leopard 2A4M to Afghanistan
Pentagon Tests U.S., Foreign Active Protection Systems in Search for a Mature Solution Against RPGs
Ocelot Selected for the British LPPV Program
Navistar Introduces the Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV) High Mobility Truck
Raytheon Sarcos Unveil a New, More Powerful Exoskeleton
Oshkosh Customizes the HMMWV for Rough Rides
Casspir IV – Denel Introduces A Modern Version for the Legendary Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV)
Paramount Unveils Mbombe, a New 6x6 IFV, Pioneering a New Mine Protected, Armored Vehicle Family
Australian-Afghan Patrol Engages Insurgents Near Derapet, Afghanistan
Sand-X Motors Introduces the Sand-X T-ATV Desert Patroller
U.S. Army Plan To Modernize Armored Vehicles Makes Sense
Optronic Module to Improve the Accuracy of Crew Served Weapon’s
Metal Storm Set Focus on Non-Lethal Weapon
Thales, Textron Selected to Compete for Canadian Next Armored Patrol Vehicle Program
Luxembourg Orders Mine, Ballistic Protected Trucks from Scania
BAE Receives First Order for 1,700 Caiman Multi-Terrain MRAP Vehicles
Army Aborts Ground Combat Vehicle Program, Set to Publish a Revised RFP in October

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MBDA Tests a Novel Penetrating Warhead

David SlingThe European missile group MBDA has completed a second successful test of a new aerial weapon designed to penetrate deep buried bunkers. The recent test employed the weapon using representative missile airframe, accelerated on the long sled track at the Biscarrosse test range of DGA Essais de Missiles on 14th September 2010. The first test, carried out on 18th May 2010, evaluated other NGMWS novel concepts. A third and final proving trial is now in the planning, concluding the technology demonstration objectives. (Read More...)

Distributed Aperture System Tracks Ballistic Missiles from 1,300 km Away
David's Sling Short Range Missile Defense Systems Enters a New Stage

Laser JDAM Tested with 2,000 pound Mk-84 Warhead
How serious is the P800 Yakhont threat? Does it have a destabilizing effect on the Middle East?
More details on the SDB-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II
Army NLOS Dead. Will the Navy Keep it Alive
Gel-Based Rocket Propellant Matures at Bayern-Chemie
Missile Cooperation Between Iran and China
Iran Displays Advanced Ballistic Missiles, Air Defense Systems & Anti-Ship Missiles on Army Day Parade
U.S. Air Force to Test X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle
Pantsir-S1, S-300 Tested on a Russian Air Defense Drill
First Exocet Block III Anti-Ship Missile Fired at Sea
France Evaluates Two Anti-Tank Missile Options
Reality Check for NLOS Missile System
Another Successful Launch for the Sineva
Russian Forces to deploy a Second Iskander Battalion Near Leningrad
Sagem to Deliver 3,400 AASM Weapons
Saudis buy Storm Shadow

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Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Wins Additional Order for VOSS

Lockheed Martin VOSS Lockheed Martin has received delivery orders totaling $138 million from the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command Acquisition Center for additional 200 Vehicle Optics Sensor Systems (VOSS). These delivery orders are new releases against a multi-year Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity contract awarded to Gyrocam in 2008. The company was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2009. (Read More...)

Through the Wall Radar Sensors at ISDEF 2010
LRAS3 Target Acquisition Systems Enhanced with Liteye’s Monocular Displays
Defense Update Sponsored Event: Global MilSatCom 2010
U.S. Army Awards Enhanced NVG Contracts to ITT, DRS and L-3
ITT Introduces New Sensor Architecture Supporting Wide Area Airborne Surveillance (WAAS) Capabilities
Israel Launch OFEK 9 – New Surveillance Satellite
MP-RTIP Multi-Mission Radar Prepared for Testing on the Global Hawk
Rafael Develops WiMAX Based Tactical Broadband Network
TETRAPOL High-Speed Mobile Network Launched by EADS
RADA Introduces a New Radar for Active Protection Systems
Lockheed Martin Develops an Advanced Rifle Scope
Elisra Introduces Manpack EJAB C-IED Jammer

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Japan Completes Upgrading Four of its Destroyers for Ballistic Missile Defense Role

Bavar 52 Japan has completed testing of its upgraded AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system with the 4th Kongō class destroyer, JS Kirishima, equipped with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system, successfully intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile target above the atmosphere during an international test event. (Read More...)


Iran's Hornets Nest at Bandar Abbas
U.S. Navy Awards Austal Two Additional High Speed Landing Support Vessels
Air Cushion, CATamaran Contribute to an Innovative British Hybrid Landing Craft Design
Backing Off from Mistral Deal, Russia to Open an International Tender for Helicopter Carriers
Extensible Launcher Could Transform Weaponization Flexibility of Surface Combatants
Israel Turns to Germany for Naval Stealth Ships
Australia Formally Requests Buying 24 MH-60R from the USA
Iranian War Games at the Straits of Hormoz
Visby Becomes Operational with the Swedish Navy
Third Mistral Amphibious Assault Ship Under Construction
Kockums Embarks on a Stealth Sub for the Swedish Navy
Fincantieri Wins UAE Order for Two Missile Boats
Second Littoral Combat Ship Delivered to the U.S. Navy
Textron, L-3 Com Team for LCAC Successor Program

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ATK Offers Miniature Precision Guided Weapon for Unmanned Aerial Systems

ATK guided weapons The U.S. Navy is expecting proposals from industry for groundbreaking operational support services, employing unmanned helicopters as ‘Cargo-Unmanned Aerial Sy ATK is developing a lightweight precision guided munition, compact and light enough to be carried by the dozens or even hundreds by unmanned aerial aircraft. The new glide weapon is packed into a conformal container launcher carried under the wing of the Shadow, fitted on top of the strut root. Upon release the weapon’s fins are extracted and three airfoils pop into place, as the weapon glides on its path to the ground. (Read More...)

Decision Time for Cargo UAVs
U.S. Army to Demonstrate Full Manned-Unmanned Operations Next Year
RiotBot – Armed For Close Combat
The Marines Want Cargo-UAS Now
Latrun 2010 – Unmanned Systems on Display
Extendable Stick Turns Micro Robot into a Pole Cam
Vulture Solar-Powered UAV Set For Months long Mission by 2014
Karrar - Iran's New Jet-Powered Recce and Attack Drone
Vulture Solar-Powered UAV Set For Months long Mission by 2014
MQ-9 Reaper Lost in the California Mojave Desert
Runaway FireScout Roams over Washington
BirdEye 650LE Mini-UAV Uses Fuel Cell to Fly Six Hour Missions
Elbit Systems Expands the VIPeR into a Family of Robots
InSitu Selected for STUAS UAV Program, Potential Future Orders: Over $0.5 Billion
TARANIS UCAV Demonstrator Vehicle Rollout
QinetiQ’s Zephyr solar powered unmanned aircraft soars to new world records
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Teamwork Demonstrated by Atlas Elektronik
FireScout MQ-8B Completes Demonstration Flights in the UAE

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Head of Israel’s ‘Shin Bet’ Outlines Israel’s Joint Counter-Terror Strategy

Yuval Diskin Israel’s security services required time to adjust and develop new and effective countermeasures to combat the new threat of suicide bombers. The results were remarkable: Compared to 452 suicide attacks carried out by the Palestinians in 2003, only two such attacks occurred since 2007. According to Yuval Diskin, Director, Israel Security Agency (ISA – Shin Bet), the winning formula developed by Israel’s security services is based on jointness – the ability of all services to work together, sharing operational concepts (CONOPS), with a clear definition of the combined objective for all the organizations engaged in homeland security and defense. Multidisciplinary intelligence activity, based on advanced technological and human intelligence, tailored and channeled through processing and dissemination, means to turn intelligence from raw data into an operationally valuable, real-time asset. (Read More...)

Suicide Bombers as Weapons
'Cyber Storm III' Tests U.S. resilience Under Cyber Attack
1st Israel HLS Conference
Raytheon Expands Cybersecurity Portfolio with the Acquisition of ‘Technology Associates’
Stuxnet Computer Worm Exposes Potentially Disastrous Vulnerabilities to Cyber Terrorism
Technological Aspects of Homeland Security: Fighting IEDs

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