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Unmanned Vehicles Having a Field Day at AUVSI's 5th Unmanned Systems Demonstration

IAI Malat Maritime heron I performs an autimatic landing at Webster Field, after demonstrating a maritime patrol mission of several hours. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

A model of BAE Mantis, displayed at the Webster Field. The Mantis is shown here with different armament configurations, comprising Paveway II laser/GPS guided bombs and Brimstone mmw guided missiles. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

A model of Boeing A-160T Hummingbird displayed at Webster Field, in an armed configuration, carrying egiht advanced guided missiles. (JCM) ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

Two Orbiter electrically powered mini-UAV were displayed by Textron Systems' AAI. Upon completing their missions the two mini-UAVs were retrieved  by parachute. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

Another view of the Heron I in flight. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

iRobot demonstrated the Warrior and Packbot in a marcupial configuration, where the Pacbot was loaded on the Warrior's payload acting as a sensor and, deployed on a dedicated mission indoors after being inserted through the window. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

Goldeneye 80 was displayed here for the first time. Left: the sensor view as displayed on a big outddoor screen. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

The 6th pby roduction version of the Firescout was built by Northrop Grumman as a technology demonstrator, utilizing systems destined for use by the U.S. Army and other land forces users. ©Photo Credit : Defense-Update.

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