Title: AW Series Rifle from Accuracy International

Copyright: UK MOD

Details & reference: British Snipers operating with the Army, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment are to get a new Long Range Rifle designated L115A3, offering better performance at extended range. MoD is buying 580 new Accuracy International Ltd AW series 0.388winmag long range rifles. They will be matched with daylight telescopic sights from Schmidt & Bender, under a £4 million contract. The new rifle fires a larger calibre bullet than the existing British sniper rifle. The type selected by the British uses a 27" barrel firing 0.338lapua (8.59mm ) ammunition to a range of 1,200 yards (1.1 km). the rifle is loaded with a five round magazine. The rifle weighs 15 pounds (6.8 kg) and has an overall length of 50 inch (1.30 m').

The acquisition is part of a broader Sniper System Improvement (SSI) program designed to improve UK snipers' firepower, precision and stealth. The first contract for the new longer range rifle and day sight is the first element in the program. The complete £11 acquisition will also address advanced, all-weather day and night sights and spotter scopes. Units will begin receiving the new rifles in 2008. The new weapon is expected to be fully operational by spring 2008.

Links: News 16/NOV/2007