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General Dynamics Land Systems Unveils New Designs of Advanced Combat Vehicles at AUSA 2009

Two models of conceptual future armored combat vehicles were displayed by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) at the AUSA 2009 exhibition. The model seen on top shows a tracked vehicle, mounting an unmanned elevated gun, the vehicle is configured for a crew of three, with central crew station for the commander seating side-by-side and gunner and a driver position in the foreward left side. Configured with hybrid-electric propulsion, the design clears the rear area for access into the vehicle offering hot reloading in combat, and internal reconfiguration - for example, into a command vehicle.

This conceptual wheeled combat vehicle displayed by GDLS at the AUSA 2009 exhibition demonstrates a highly protected crew compartment, providing good over 270 degrees, (a rear camera could complement the coverage to 360 degrees). The vehicle uses a forward hatch for the commander and a large payload mount at the rear, which could allow for modular configuration with mission specific systems. The elevated floor, sloped diamond shaped hull and oversized wheel bays depict high degree of mine resistance and blast protection. the design could probably adapt two modular sections, with the forward section and belly forming the baseline unit, accomodating the protected crew compartment as a complete unit. The photo above shows a different shape of the vehicle, depicting higher level of protection, where the vehicle is configured to performing as weapon carrier, mobile command post or battlefield medical evacuation from hot combat zones. Additional Armor features include the armored plate protecting the hood, protected wheel bays, recessed armored and beefed up side armor. This version could also be applied with signature reduction elements. The image below shows a patrol version, featuring high mobility and mine, small arms and blast protection.

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