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IAI Shows Progress with the Mosquito Micro-UAV

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Israel Aerospace Industries Mosquito Micro UAV

The Mosquito prepared for launch with a modified harpoon.

Mosquito shown during flight (left) and descending to the ground after deploying its parachute (above and below)

The portable command and control console implemented on a notebook PC shows the mission planning and control system performed entirely on the screen. (The flight displays are for air vehicle reference monitoring during the test flight). The payload images are shown on the window at left. The operating mode on the left is collecting images for the mosaic. Within a short time all images captured (as requested by the operator) are aligned to each other, 'stitched' into a mosaic, and presented in a 'zoom out' overview as shown in the right window. Since the image is processed on the ground, the operator can 'zoom in' at will, on any object, and examine the full resolution image displayed in maximum magnification, to seek valuable information or better understanding the situation. This operation mode provides the small unit with 'up-to-the-minute' aerial photo showing an overview of the updated area of operation, rather than looks for a specific target or identifies an armed person or suspect - missions performed by other, larger unmanned systems.