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Alticam 400

Insitu / USA

ScanEagle is equipped with an Alticam400 EO payload. (Photo by Boeing)
Alticam400 camera installed on a ScanEagle mini-UAV (US Navy photo)The Alticam 400 Series Camera was developed for the Insitu ScanEagle UAV. Housed in a small-dimension turret, Alticam 400 utilizes an inertial-stabilized sensor enabling accurate pointing of the camera, independent of the platform's position. This stabilization yields high stability of the video images in day and night. The system incorporates advanced stabilization logic, to filter the effects of aircraft vibrations and motion. The camera can slew dynamically to any point below and stare at objects of interest. Automatic object tracking maintains focus on selected object or pixel pattern. It can automatically fix on a designated point (set of coordinate) regardless of clouds or other obscurants. standard EO camera is EO-640, uses 640x480 pixel color CCD with 25x optical zoom, delivering live video at 30 fps rate. Other configurations employ thermal sensors using 160x120 LWIR, 320x240 MWIR and 640x489 LWIR detector arrays. Monochrome low light cameras that can can also be employed for operation under dim ambient lighting conditions or direct IR illumination.


  Updated: 12/04/2006

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