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Patrol, Surveillance & Recce
Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Elbit Systems / Tomcar Automotive (Israel)

Elbit Systems unveiled at AUSA 2005 a futuristic concept of an autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (AUGV) designed for unmanned or manned operations. Named "AvantGuard", the vehicle can assume diverse roles from surveillance and recce to security missions and patrolling routes, detecting and neutralizing Improvised explosive Devices (IED).

The UGV is based on the Tomcar Model TM27GL All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) used by the IDF and Israeli Border Police. The autonomous vehicle configuration utilizes advanced robotics and sensor technologies, allowing it to "think" and avoid obstacles, communicate with the operator or other vehicles. The vehicle uses a sensor package which can identify and avoid obstacles, along a pre-planned route. The navigation system uses Differential GPS (DGPS) system with three control levels. Other sensors include front and rear cameras, mounted on a 360 deg. omni-directional pedestal.

Based on the mission profile, AvantGuard can carry various payloads - including electro-optical, communication relay, jamming and weapon stations. The example demonstrated at AUSA 05 exhibition was fitted with Elbit Systems' 7.62 remote-controlled ORCWS 7.62 mm 95 kg weapons station.

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