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BA-5390/U Lithium Battery


The BA-5390/U is a lithium/manganese dioxide primary (non-rechargeable) battery, and, with 50 percent more energy, is an alternative to the lithium/sulfur dioxide BA-5590/U battery, the most widely used military battery in the U.S. Armed Forces. The BA-5390/U provides soldiers with the latest and best battery technology in a cost effective manner. More energy in each battery provides longer mission time with fewer batteries for soldiers to carry, and fewer batteries to ship and dispose of, all of which reduce cost to the Army.

Ultralife Batteries is one of the leading manufacturers of this type. in 2003 the company expanded its manufacturing capacity for BA-5390, under US Army investments of $3.1 million. In May and August the company received a US Army orders totaling $41 million worth of BA-5390/U battery  supplies.

In December 2003 a follow on $13 million production contract announced, to be supplied within the first half of 2004. A $12 million contract followed in February 2004 but significant follow-on orders although expected in 2004, were not received during the following two quarters of 2004 and revised its financial outlook to reflect the situation. (Ultralife announcement)

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