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Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC)

Elbit Systems

The ETC is designed as a modular system, utilizing common building blocks applicable to a wide range of C3 systems. These common modules are based on COTS hardware, encased in Mil-Std-810E ruggedized packages designed to endure harsh field conditions and temperatures from -25 to 55C. The system is based on a Pentium III processor embedded in a specially designed removable electronic module. This design enables easy maintenance and upgrading at the pace of processor technology advances.

Enhanced tactical Computer, (ETC) produced by Elbit SystemsThe system uses a 10.4" TFT display with panel resolution of 800x600 pixels and a touch screen, supports direct sunlight readable display. Other modules include the removable, sealed power supply, high capacity (10 40 GB) removable hard disk drive, designed to meet Mil-Standard shock, thermal and vibration specs.

ETC supports a wide range of IOs and enhancements required for powerful applications. These could include support for direct video link, powerful graphic cards, or 3D accelerators etc. The ETC's upper back is fitted with all connectors, including GPS antenna, LAN, radios, external display, power connector and connectors to commercial peripherals. Two PCMCIA Type II or a single Type Iii are available. Communications interfaces are supported via Elbit's communications controller, supporting up to six networks at 64 Kb/s). ETC has an embedded GPS receiver. ETC is compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems.

  Updated: 11/06/2005

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