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  Armored Fighting Vehicles
  C4ISR / Wireless Networking
  Combat Aircraft
  Electronic Warfare
  Fire Support
  Future Combat Systems
  Homeland Defense
  Infantry / Urban Warfare
  Logistics & support
  Naval Systems
  Net Centric Warfare
  Precision Strike
  Protection & Survivability
  Spec-Ops, Counter Terror
  Training and Simulation
  Unmanned Systems
  Defense Exhibitions

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Small Unmanned, Autonomous Ground Vehicle
Rheinmetall Defense

The FoxBot miniatureautonomous scout robotFoxbot is a small radio-controlled robot featuring semi-autonomous capabilities, supporting surveillance and recce missions. The robot is fitted with EO and acoustical sensors and is designed to operate at the tactical level. The robot uses a mast mounted omni-directional acoustic sensor, enabling location and tracking of detected signals with stereo acoustic capability, enabling effective spatial reconstruction of the signal. Utilizing a dual datalink for command and transmission of data and video, enables the Foxbot to operate autonomously over a range of 1,000 meters.

The FoxBot miniature scout robot from Rheinmetall



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