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GunCam Video recorder

Macroswiss / Switzerland

Macroswiss Guncam attached to a weaponMacroswiss has developed the Guncam recorder unit for use by Police Forces and Armies that need to record firefights from the users perspective for accountability purposes. These miniature DVR units can be attached to a weapon or be kept on a belt or in the pouch of a vest. When not mounted directly on the weapon the camera and the recorder are connected to the weapon mounted camera by a coil-cable. The camera can be set to record video only when the weapon’s safety is released, in user-switchable recording mode where the user decides when to record, or in continuous recording mode. Data is recorded on a compact flash card.

The GunCam DVR records high-definition 640x480 pixel images, which can be viewed as a video or exported as single high definition frames. Every frame has its unique timestamp, which is recorded in a tamper-proof format. The system is powered by Lithium-Polymer batteries that can provide up to 14 hours of standby time and up to 8 of hours recording. Approximately 4 hours can be recorded on a single 4 Gb CA close-up view of Macroswiss Guncam attached to a weaponompact Flash Card. For extended use, the system employs a 'Circular Buffer' recording method, where new files record over the oldest files. The camera records video in a proprietary SYAC™ FLM™ format. After a mission, the images are downloaded and displayed using a PC and SYAC™ DigiEye PC Player software.

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